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((IC discussions tend to happen mostly in general, rather than here, for whatever reason. Let's see if it catches in a slightly more serious way over here. The idea is, rather than have a proper scene, that characters come and go from the Legerdemain, and talk with other people casually about whatever.))

*The dark ranger enters the Legerdemain, near the center of Dalaran. The place is mostly empty, it's too early. Not that she minds. She sits at one of the tables, pulls off her hood and leaves a coin on the crystal of the table. She realizes the bartender, a high elf, and the inkeeper, a human, are kissing.*

Ugh... the living.
Coris Amberflame walks into Legerdemain and instantly sees the bartender and a human kissing.

"Oh..Ok" he grumbled akwardley pushing his way through and sat down. Realizing it was stupid to ask for a drink now he decided to sit back in his chair and stared at the ceiling.

((Good start it actually let me add something as i saw walking in, well besides other players that post before me but, still very good job :D))
The dark ranger heared someone have the same realization as her behind her.

"Yes, it would seem the service is going to be slow. Physiological needs getting taken care of."

Then, realizing the person behind was likelly alliance, she did an attept to hide her undecity tabbard, as if it wasn't obvious from everything else in her appearance that she's one of Sylvanas' dark rangers.

((Yes, I realized the hardest part would be to get the ball rolling))
"Right the needs of these people today are outrageouse."

Taking a notice to the blood elve's appearence for the first time he noticed that she had Death knight armor on. Coris didn't much care for whose faction people were on just as long as they did not get on his bad side hed be just fine
"So... Gilnean accent?" She picked her coin and made it spin over the table glass. "How is life away from home?" She didn't intend to stirr problems, but she didn't intend to be politically correct either. He probably wouldn't realize she was one of the Dark Rangers that was looking for the Scythe of Elune in Gilneas during the Forsaken invasion.
"Well I didn't like home too much anyways" he stated. He had a dark past at home but he did not want to bring it up because it bugged him to think about it. "I see that you are a Death knight, do you mind if I ask what you are doing here" he said with a gruff smile.
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"Well I didn't like home too much anyways" he stated. He had a dark past at home but he did not want to bring it up because it bugged him to think about it. "I see that you are a Death knight, do you mind if I ask what you are doing here" he said with a gruff smile.

I'm not a deathknight. Common mistake, specially in this heavy armor. I'm actually a dark ranger. We come back to the north from time to time. There is still scourge over here, and the Forsaken will be concerned about the scourge for as long as it exists. In this ocasion it is I who serves as the Dark Lady's eyes in the north.

I wear heavy armor anda large two handed sword because I've always favored melee more than your average ranger, even in life, and I might have killed the death knight who killed me if I had worn heavy armor that day.
Ralizing his mistake Coris immediatley apologized. "I am sorry mis... I did not know you served the Banshee Queen. I have no qualms with her but you know I just can't be expected to like it either" He shrugged looking over to see if the couple were kissing and guess what... they were. He made a big snarl and they broke away only for a second to give him a dirty look, then went back to kissing. "How rude" he stated.
The dark ranger closed her eyes as if to sleep, but truth is she couldn't sleep, ever. All she could do is settle down for daydreaming while resting, but she would never fall asleep.

"I wouldn't expect you to." She said with closed eyes. "But some of us owe her much, or rather, what little we have. Most people don't consider us undead to be persons." She oppened her eyes to see for the first time the worgen. "Which reminds me of annother reason I wear heavy armor. A friend of mine was in Gilneas, the gilneans released a pack of attack mastiffs on her. It was gruesome. I believe I'm rather safe from that with all this metal on me... hopefully."
Coris couldn't help but chuckle at that last part. "Fun times in Gilneas huh" he said sarcastically. "I understand, even though the Banshee Queen is on the opossite faction I don't find her as the evil type you know, I mean I understand shes undead and they should all be banished but I have seen that she really takes care of her people and I respect that" he said sympathetically. He knew if his Order knew what he was saying he could be excommunicated forever. But who cares the point of this is to speak what we believe is true. "I should probably ask your name good friend" he said smiling.
"Yes, a warm, warm welcome in Gilneas. I always knew us peninsular people are very good with guests. I'm rather shy, however, I'd preffer not to be torn appart by dogs.

Gilneas was atrocious, it was the encounter of the immovable object and the unstopable force. It felt very wrong, as if I was back in the scourge. It made me feel sick, and it takes a lot to make me feel anything nowdays. I believe Sylvanas felt the same way, and that's why she facilitated the retreat of the Gilneans rather than fighting to the end as the Warchief desired.

The name is Fanée Dawnsorrow, bag of bones and rotten meat, at your service."
Coris roared with laughter at the Rangers last comment. "Names Coris Amberflame at your service madam, and I have to say your too pretty to be a bag of bones and a rotten meat" he finished with a smile.
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Coris roared with laughter at the Rangers last comment. "Names Coris Amberflame at your service madam, and I have to say your too pretty to be a bag of bones and a rotten meat" he finished with a smile.

Oh, I wish. I like to pretend I'm still pretty, but I have the eyes of your worst nightmare and the skin looks as if I had never reposessed my body and was still a banshee. If I lay naked in the snow I'm invisible. It's alright, I have learned to accept I'm a monster and that parents use me to scare their children not to go outside at night.
Coris gets a little upset about what fanee says. "Oh don't be like that, I am sure your fine and don't think I am used as nightmares either."

"If you don't go to bed Timmy Worgen will try to eat you" he grumbled "Last time I listen onto another family's conversation" he finished roaring with laughter.

((sorry can't spell accent mark but got most of it :3))
((it's Ok))

"Then we are both monsters, but at least you are fluffy and cuddly. I'm just gross. I wouldn't touch me if I had the choise."

The inkeeper finally goes back to her duties. "Look, seems I can finally spend this coin."
"Well friend I don't think your gross" He said smiling

Looking over at the broken couple he finally was able to get some service "Bartender a wine if you please" he said.

"Sorry we don't serve to snotty Worgen" she said with an icy stare.

"Excuse me!" he roared "Are you sure it's a smart idea to piss off a Worgen mam" he said through snarling breaths.

((yo character is nice))
"Oh, I'm objectivelly gross. I'm a dead body, I'm probably ridden with all kinds of diseases, I wouldn't advice touching me unless you are already undead."

Dawn lifted her hand and a strange glow appeared on the bartender's eyes. "You will serve the worgen his wine." She said, and the bartender answered "Yes ma'am."

The undead elf let out a high pitched, metallic sounding giggle and said "Charm. Works every time. Perks of undeath. It's also more practical than possessing people like a banshee. The Dark Lady doesn't let us permanently posess people because we value highly free will, but charm can be used to influence the minds of the weak minded. Shadow priests know about that."

She turns over to the inkeeper "Will you please bring me... I'd like some of the whine from across the street." Then she tossed her coin with her thumb, masterfully aimed right into the woman's cleavage.
((lol too funny))

Coris was on the verge of blasting this woman to pieces when fanee butted in and helped.

After laughing at the scene he just witnessed he said, "Yah I studied about the shadow priest a little, never really wanted to be one but they insisted I at least study the basics" he grumbled. He sat up in his chair and saw the bartender bringing his glass of wine. "Thank you" he said smiling. "Your welcome" she said confused as she walked back over to where she was to pull the coin out from her shirt. "Hmm never was taught that but oh well like the charm, I have to say fanee if you hadn't helped out I would have killed her" he stated.

((just realized your name fanee, and i said u butted in..... xD))
((Well, I picked the name from french so it should sound "Faneh", but I did use the fact that in english it sounds like "Fanny".))

"You can get in a ton of trouble if you don't control your anger over here. Subtlety, my furry friend, is very important. You can try to row against the wind, or you can use the sails to go in more or less the direction from which the wind is blowing. You just have to know how. A paladin would use the same words of wisdom, only with good intentions instead of promoting abusing the system."
A silver cloak and deep hood was almost all that could be seen of a new patron as she entered. Her shoulders were dusted with snow and she shook it off, glancing over to the barkeep before sitting down on the ground near the fire. She had a Light aura surrounding her, a soft glow reflected from the fire by her cloak gave her a glistening, golden appearance. She seemed rather tall, and, from the size of her shoulders, on the thinner side. Everything else about her was hidden in the silvery fabric.

She seemed oblivious to the others, though she knew they were there.

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