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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Coris pondered what fanee was saying "that is a very deep statement my friend well put" he said cheerfully.

After sitting for awhile he yawned really loud and decided it was time to turn in.

"Well it is about time for me to turn in thank you fanee" he ended walking over to the barkeeper. "I would like a room please" Coris said. "No..." looking at the Ranger "fine take it" she said half-heartidley. Coris walked into his room and locked it shut so the Barkeeper didn't try something funny while he slept.

((this usually indicates that i am butt tired and my mind is in a mushy state, will post maybe tommorrow i got plans and errands and its crazy, seeya bud :3))
The undead elf had almost forgotten about herself, feeling rather comfortable. Not many listened to her craziness, not even in life. Normally she would have remained uiet in the darkest corner of the inn, but she was feeling good, so when a new client entered the building, she said in a tone the innkeeper could hear. "Brace yourself, the service's slow today." Then she waved goodbye to her new acquainance.

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((this usually indicates that i am butt tired and my mind is in a mushy state, will post maybe tommorrow i got plans and errands and its crazy, seeya bud :3))

Amerillian stood outside the Legerdemain wearing a dark red armor covered in snow. Beside him was his companion a bear named Hugo. He dismissed his furry companion with a slight wave of his hand. Before opening the door he shakes off most of the snow that covered him. As he entered the room he noticed a Blood elf sitting at a table and someone sitting by the fire. Not taking much interest in them he sat at a table near the fire.

"Innkeeper a glass of wine please."

Amerillian takes of his helmet of and undoes his foxtail allowing his dark black hair to fall down.

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The silver, now gold, cowl moved ever so slightly as the Dark Ranger spoke to her. "Thank you..." she said quietly, her voice sweet and young, not yet tained by old age. It moved slightly to sneak a glance at the new patron, and then she looked back at the fire. After a few minutes, she stood up and moved to an empty table, not too far from the others, but not exactly near them. The gold seemed to fade a little slowly, as though it wasn't really the fire after all. It turned out, she had been reading a book near the fire. The cover was ornate, gold and silver. A silver chain bound the book tightly closed now.

She rested it on the table and ran a delicate finger over the chain. Its cool, metalic feel was comforting to her in this new place. With a soft sigh, she stood up again and went over to the barkeep. "May I have a water when you have a chance?" she asked quietly.
Coris Amberflame woke up from his sleep and took a seat at a table and ordered a glass of wine. Looking over to the Ranger he met yesterday he gave a short nod and decided to look around a bit. He noticed there were two new patrons that kept to themselves so he didn't talk to them thinking that they were probably shy or doing something. "Slow today isn's it" he said to the Ranger

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Lunari silently entered the tavern. She looked like any other Night Elf in the world. Tall, lean, and fit with short purple hair. However it was her eyes and choice of weapons that always drew the most attention. A black cloth covered her eyes and two warglaives were strapped to her back. She glanced around the inn, silently taking note of the number of people. She moved toward the bar and looked at the bartender with her unseen gaze. "Water...." she said slipping a gold coin from a pouch at her hip. The bartender slid the glass across the counter to her. Lunari took a sip, and made directly for the table in the back corner of the room.
Wolf strolled into the tavern. "Barkeep, I'll take a wine if you please." The barkeep seemed to look at him, then over to an undead elf before reluctantly handing over his drink. As he looked around the room for a place to sit, he noticed another worgen with the elf. Farther away from him were three other patrons, yet another worgen, night elf and a blood elf by the fire. Seeing as it was a frosty day out, he strolled over to take a seat by the blood elf and fireplace. "Hello, hunter. What brings you this far north?"
Lunari glanced up from where she seemed to be staring into her glass. Seeing the worgen she added him to the mental checklist of people. She raised an eyebrow at his friendliness, wondering why. The waitress hesitantly approached her. " Can I get you anything else?" Lunari stared back into her glass. "An apple." The waitress scurried off th retrieve the fruit. Lunari took another sip of water.
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The dark ranger was still there, the eyes closed, immobile, as if she was dead.
Zuldjan strode into the inn with a smile on his face and an uncommon lightness in his step. Today had been a good day, as had the last few. He loved Dalaran. He strolled up to the bar and called out for a bottle their finest whiskey. The barkeep looked looked somewhat disgusted and ignored him. "Oh, come off it, I'm the cleanest orc you've ever seen." he tossed a ruby into her cleavage and chuckled. his whiskey was not delayed much longer.

He turned to the Worgen and the Dark ranger. "want some?", he said proffering the bottle. "Its quite good, not the swill they serve in the underbelly. Service could be better but I'm not ready to let that ruin my day, and the lass is pretty enough."
Coris witnessed what the orc did and couldn't help himself letting out a gruff chuckle. "No sorry I only drink a light wine" he said holding up the glass and twirling it. He sat there looking at the Ranger wondering what was going on in her head. He didn't know what was with this Ranger but she intrigued him.

((why does everyone like chucking money into her cleavage xD))
((I got the idea from you guys, and as I said "the lass is pretty enough" and Zuldjan likes to give give "cross faction relations" a slightly different meaning))

"Fair enough. So how are you fine folk today?"

((Zuldjan is a horde ambassador who's more into thralls idea of the horde than Garroshes, and finds the cross faction cooperation, tranquility, and crisp clear weather and sunshine of the city a pleasant relief from the usual terse negotiations in the capitols.))

((BTW, I just started another tavern RP. I love those))
((same here love tavern ones and the one in ye old i was like, he wants me to join that one xD))

Still staring at the Ranger he noticed the Orc shaman had said something. "Oh I.... I just like this place because of the neutrality" he said giving a small smile. After he answered the Orc he found himself staring at the Ranger again. 'Hm' he thought.
More people entered the tavern, and the cloaked girl took her water quickly and sat down again at the table where she had left her book. She pulled her cowl deeper over her head, a hint of her face shown as she did. From what could be seen, her skin was pale and fair. She took a slow breath and a drink of water, trying to calm her nerves. What if someone here was against the Light? And what if they decided that she, as a servant of the Light, should pay? She shuddered at the thought and took another sip of water.

Finally, she opened her book once more, her frail hand just peaking out from long sleeves. Whisps of golden light danced from the pages of the book as she turned it, lighting up her face and giving her cloak a soft golden glow once more.
"The forsaken are an interesting lot, aren't they? I can never decide whether to pity or despise them. of course, one can never make any true statements of an entire race; I suppose as an Orc I should know that as well as anyone."

he sipped his whiskey leisurely, and pulled out his mana snuff. It was a filthy habit, though not he supposed as filthy as the other things he had done on his last visit to Silvermoon. Fell, he was falling apart. trying not to let that thought sour his day he looked out the window at the cheerful crowds in the street.
Amerillian looked up surprised at the worgen. "O uh I heard there's some good game up here, so I thought I'd come check it out. So far I've found some good game in the Howling Fjord, and Grizzly Hills. Now I'm heading to Sholozar Basin. I hear that's where all the game is."

"O by the way my names Amerillian. What brings you up here?"
Zuldjan turned to the hunter. "Aye, there's game aplenty here ...of more than one sort, if you catch my drift." but as for the kind you speak of, there's no better place in Northrend than Sholozar. give my regards to Nessingwary when you get there.
Amerillian turned to the orc with a chuckle at his remark "thanks for the information, and will do."
Xenophilius, having heard quite a bit of what was being said downstars, while lying awake in bed couldn't help but ponder the idea of going down and joining the conversation. Knowing he wasn't always looked at in the friendliest of ways by the servants of the banshee queen he pondered a while longer before finally crossing the room and putting his armor on and heading downstairs. Upon entering he recognized Coris though he had never introduced himself he had seen him before and decided he'd take a table near him.

"Waitress, whiskey please" he said hoping to get a drink faster today than yesterday.
He soon found himself daydreaming, and had no idea if anyone had spoken or what they had said.
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