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Greetings fellow Champions!

Welcome to the Champions of Azeroth! Do you have what it take to be a true Champion? Do you hail from a long line of Champions and being a Champion is in your Blood!? If so, then you have found a home here!

Part Knight, Part Crusader and ALL Hero! A Champion of Azeroth strives to shed light into the darkest corners, to have darkness flee from the Champions light and never see daylight again!

To be a Champion means being virtuous in every aspect of your life, personal and otherwise.

A Champion must hold himself to the highest ideals! Azeroth is in great danger and the danger is growing, the clock is ticking and the Champions of Azeroth must rally and unite to save everyone!

Please feel free to check out our website at http://www.azerothchampions.enjin.com

We are and Alliance Guild and are Friendly and Mature. With over 20 years experience in the field of gaming and with guilds lasting years, the Guild is run with a fair and democratic structure. You earn the ranks, but you dont steal from the bank!

The website has Mumble capability (for those with Headsets) and will be updated frequently.

Please feel free to spread the Word, we are recruiting any race and class from the Alliance.

I look forward to seeing you online soon!

Safe Journey,

Lord Commander - Champions of Azeroth.

"The Champions will spread light to the dark, feel the burn!"

PS - For invitation to the Guild please pst either Masonite (Acting Guild Leader), Graceling or Lendrick in-game to swing you an invite!
Champions of Azeroth has almost hit level 7!

The website is updated and the focus will be changing, as we continue to grow we will be looking at some hardcore end-game raiding! It's a very exciting time and I look forward to seeing you in-game!

Also, the next 50 members that join will get an automatic promotion to Guild Knight - so dont delay! Spread the word and be all that you can be! Be Azeroth's Champions!

The time is NOW! The clock is TICKING....
Please look for "Drãgonfang" Panderian Monk on Barthilas after 5pm today as he will be recruiting for Champions of Azeroth! Look forward to seeing you all in Pandaria!

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