Genesis (25) Recruiting Elite Raiders + Lead

Preferably, I'm looking for a group of people who have already been raiding with eachother for awhile. I Just revived my guild on this realm and I am an need of an elite 8/8+ HM exp (competency check) Leader and Raiders. Email or connect with me through FB Twitter or youtube, links at Accepting any classes atm, please understand the new patches and know your class. If your not 8/8hm please do not message, not to be rude. And for all of you who i know will troll because im posting on my PvP toon, my main Divinit(alt 152). Skype interviews will be required as well as trading forms of communication if accepted, thank you for all who are interested
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Posting that you need saviors of azeroth on a toon that hasn't killed heroic morchock isn't going to get you far.
^^ In the first post to answer your post, please read fully before commenting thanks :D
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