Sadly not server first, as he's been killed one other time Hordeside, but the second rabbit kill is almost as glorious.

Rabbit was won by , who will no doubt put the hundreds of thousands of gold it is worth (Someone in raid offered 184k for it) to use.
How very appropriate for your guild tag.
who got the first?
Oh my.
How many wipes are those skeletons from, and how many survivors were there when he finally fell?

Also, why the hell didn't you use the damn holy hand grenade?
Anyone remember the bunny from Asheron's Call?

Good times, that.
09/11/2012 10:37 PMPosted by Zoggie
who got the first?

I think it was Steakum who led a 40m pug the morning of Sunday, Sept 2nd. My priest went, and it was fun. Lots of death, lots of corpse runs, and no griefing that I remember, but I was mostly trying to deal with broken addons and remembering how to play at that point.
Nah, it was led by a hunter, but I can't remember their name. Steakum was just the tank.
Me. Steakum was the main tank, Ranuun (sp?) won the rabbit and learned it right then.

Screenshot as bunny died:

Do I have to blur out names or anything? I don't usually post on these forums.

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