<Facerollers> LF Core Spots 10M

<Facerollers> is a newly formed guild we are 8/8HM DS. We are looking for some quality raiders to fill some spots for MoP. We will be raiding Tues-Thurs 8-11pm server. If you would like a new place to call home or enjoy the smaller aspect of a guild where people know who you are then this is the place for you. Must be an adult we dont want Mommy or Daddy pulling the plug on you during a fight. For more info check us out at: www.facerollers.org or contact me in game: Kealz#1216
Apply then! www.facerollers.org/recruitment
406 ilevel hunter 8/8 heroic ds I have bc and wrath raiding exp, I never miss raids unless something really huge comes up. send me a mail in game if you would like me :)
I will contact you today. Also see if Kealz, Kazcon, Shadoskillz are online they can assist you as well. Please visit our website www.facerollers.org and submit the quick application. You must have a curse account. We are currently in the middle of making the process more user friendly.
Looking for a warlock and rogue to play in MOP. Also looking for a Holy paladin.
Need a hunter and restoration Druid!

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