[A]<E X I L E> 10man |1/12N T15| 3/16H T14 |

<E X I L E> is looking for dedicated, committed raiders looking for a stable guild to raid with in MoP. We are recruiting for one group that raids 7:20-11:00PM server time. The application process is on our website where you will be asked to provide information such as previous HM experience, reason for applying, etc. Our needs are outlined below.

Our guild is fairly active, we have frequent RBG groups running, people looking for arena teams and 9/9 Gold Challenge Mode clears. We enjoy the game outside of raiding and are looking for like minded raiders who do as well.

*WEBSITE* http://exilekorgath.guildlaunch.com

Group Wed/Fri

DPS: Non-Plate
Tank: Non-Warrior
Healer: Non-Resto Druid/MW Monk

primoriscruor@hotmail.com via RealID
Innovation#1431 via BattleTag
primoriscruor via Skype
Innovation via In-Game Mail/Whisper
Best guild ever!!
You know it, updated for MoP RBG info
Updated recruitment needs and RBG recruitment needs.
I hear that Hixer guy is very sexy
MoP this Tuesday!
Less than two more days, updated recruiting needs!
Updated for recruiting needs.
This guild is awesome.
Website reactivated
Needs updated
“I have loved justice and hated iniquity: therefore I die in E X I L E.” - Pope Gregory VII

E X I L E (US-Korgath)

Raid Times:
Group 1 - Tues/Thurs 7:20 - 11:00 P.M Central Standard Time (Server Time)
Group 2 - Wed/Fri 7:20 - 11:00 P.M Central Standard Time (Server Time)
Group 3 - Tues/Wed 9:00 P.M - 12:30 A.M Central Standard Time (Server Time)

<E X I L E> is a recently formed guild who relocated to US-Korgath from a dying server US-Firetree. 2/8H tier 12, 8/8H tier 13, and currently 4/6N tier 14. We are a fairly relaxed group of players with varying levels of raiding experience dating from Vanilla through Cataclysm.

We do not force our raiders to treat World of Warcraft as a full-time job. We raid a comfortable 2 nights a week and cover all raiding expenses, leaving plenty of time for our members to pursue outside interests. When it comes raid time, we work hard and make good use of our time; all like-minded raiders, all working toward a common goal - we operate as a well-oiled machine.

Loot Distribution:
We use Loot Council to distribute loot. Factors at play in loot decisions include, but are not limited to: raid performance, attendance, previous loot received, and significance of upgrade.

Currently Recruiting:
We are always recruiting skilled and dedicated players. We do not accept applicants for bench spots. You will have a fair opportunity to show us what you have. Our trial period generally lasts 2-3 weeks, depending on performance. During this period, we evaluate trial raiders based on their attitude, attendance, skill level, situational awareness, and cohesiveness with the guild as a whole.

How to Apply:
1. Go to http://exilekorgath.guildlaunch.com/
2. Click "Apply to guild" on the left side of the screen (right above recruitment box)
3. Provide us with a detailed application and try to not leave any fields blank.

For additional information please feel free to contact an officer in game.

Innovation (Andrew)
Bõomboompow (Isaac)
Bump for opening recruitment for both groups
Bump for progression
Got a 482 Guardian Druid, a 475 Ele shaman, a 476 Ret paly and a 463 Shadow priest all looking for a good guild for raiding progression, we have 4/6 MV experience and all looking for farther progression.

We all have raiding experience going back to Wrath and father for some, always willing to learn and compromise for the better of progression. Easy going people with a lot of dedication to downing content, also perfectly fine with wipes as long as progression is being pushed.

Any questions feel free to ask and I will be checking back when possible. We would like to stick together please and thanks in advance.
I would recommend each of you putting in an application on our forums for evaluation
2/6 HoF

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