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I have a suggestion to make it possible for some of us to swap our mains.

You see, I started playing this character about 6 years ago. It's been my main since. I've loved other characters, but would stay true to this character because not only did it have specific 'achievements' but had all the other amenities such as reputation and pets. (Yes, achievements and pets being 'saved' haven't been around that long, but hard earned reps have.) I've stayed with this character for so long that it's well established. My husband has stayed with his a long time; he even grabbed the attention of a webcomic who made a comic character, "Fail-Druid," based on his typical in-game antics. However, the introduction of monks have sparked my husband and I's interest in changing our 'mains.' We both met playing a monks in a MUD many years before playing WoW. So this new 'monk' class is begging us to be played as mains. But... having such establishment on both our characters, we don't know if we can bring ourselves to start everything clean. (Minus specific 'shared' achievements and pets. I love The Insane title I got before Cata and despite being 'easier', I will NOT do again.) I'm sure other people have experienced this at one time or another. Some people are probably able to let go [of mains] more than we are, but there are plenty of us who can not so easily.

So I suggest this: Like a paid transfer/race change/faction change, but cheaper since it's not as difficult now since a lot is already account-wide, have a "main" change able to be done on battle.net. I'd totally do it so that I can have all I've done on the character I plan to play and get even more on. I also suggest that the transfer can not happen more than once every six months or a year to prevent people from buying this to get reputation on a different character. (To prevent easy/quick exploitation in any other form as well.) It's taken many years and a new expansion to get me to the point of wishing to swap my main, so a 6 month or a year change shouldn't be detrimental to players who truly want to change their main. (Only detrimental to those who like to complain about classes/who want to exploit the game, etc.) So if this could be ran though as a suggestion and have it a possibility sooner rather than later, many of us would be very appreciative. Thanks so much for the time and forward of the suggestion!
How is this different than the request for a class change? You want all the "stuff" on that character to be on a character of a different class.

So it's another request for something Blizzard already said they wouldn't provide.

I agree with Blizzard because it would be stupid to see a monk with a character-based achievement that could not have earned it.
You should be able to use any max level as a "token" for a class change. Once you decided to switch one character to a class that you have already leveled to the maximum level, the "token" character is destroyed and the other character has simply changed class. They might give a bare minimum armour set or leave it up to the person to regear their character if need be.
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You should be able to use any max level as a "token" for a class change. Once you decided to switch one character to a class that you have already leveled to the maximum level, the "token" character is destroyed and the other character has simply changed class. They might give a bare minimum armour set or leave it up to the person to regear their character if need be.

Powerleveling DKs say hello

Why would you want to class change more than one, or perhaps a few characters to a DK?
I've switched mains at least half a dozen times. It doesn't really matter anymore.
Ainsley, could I see the place where you found where Blizz said simply, "We will not ever help you change your mains." You can say just put 'main' in place of 'class', but has the changing 'mains' concept been brought up recently. There is a reason why I suggested a long period between transfers. I would have chosen a monk had there been one when I first started playing. There wasn't. I'm not asking to go back and forth either. I just want this one change. Hell, make it two years, I don't care. All it would be doing is transferring reps. and that 'main' character's non-account-wide achievements. Most of the the work has been done through account-wide seemingly "everything-but-what-makes-a-main-a-main".

I don't necessarily want this character destroyed either. I just don't want this one to be the one I raid with and do achievements on. I could see having a requirement of having your current 'main' be max level (or a certain period of having the character at max level and played) to transfer 'main status' onto another max level character. This is all beneficial to those who really have liked their characters and built them up for years and years and have been loyal Blizzard players. I'm, like I mentioned in the first post, not one to just 'dump' a character after getting bored with the class or whatever. Even when playing a priest was just not fun, I stuck with it. This is my character that I've spent six years on and have had a guild running for all those years. It's not too much to suggest and ask for them to consider.

Honestly, if there's any feedback from players that I look for, is if they'd be interested in the same thing. A paid service for reputation and a selected character's achievements to be transferred over.
How to change Mains in a much simpler fashion:
Step 1: Roll monk (quite literally once you hit level 5. :D)
Step 2: Declare Monk your main.
Step 3: Profit?
In all seriousness though, having once changed mains myself (From Paladin to Warlock), not having all your old toys is something you just have to get over. Plus, you can get all new toys in Mists. :D
Oh yes, I forgot to mention, how is the monk running around with achievements that it could not have gotten any different than my level 20 running around with Champion of the Naaru title and on a White Hawkstrider? This can happen now. I think having all these new account-wide things kind of breaks the bar on 'not going to happen.' I'm not opposed to opening some of this up and it seems like Blizz is saying, we WANT you to play another class. Well, I want to, and I'm willing to pay to have my new monk become the main that my old one was. This is only a half step further than where they just went with account-wide, in my opinion.
I would like to "eat" my original priest, when i couldn't server transfer him from a pve to a pvp realm. he has titles and reps that i still need on this guy.
I actually agree with you. I've leveled so many alts to 85 now and all of them I've enjoyed. I've enjoyed my pally most of all. But I can't bring my self to re-level my secondary proffs nor attempt to farm up the current reps I have on my rogue for the pally. So I'm stuck on my rogue for that one simple fact.

I'm not asking to change my class as I have leveled each class bar monk to 85. I'm asking to transfer my long standing rep, non-account wide achievements, And possibly my secondary proffs (Mainly arch >.>) over onto another of my already leveled 85's.

Make it $50 with a 12 month cooldown or something, I don't care. I'm not getting enjoyment from playing my current class as I used to and would rather be another one. But I then don't get enjoyment from that class due to the limitations of not having certain things.
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and I'm willing to pay to have my new monk become the main that my old one was.

But your 'main' is whichever character YOU decide is the one you're going to focus on. Do you know why they won't do this thing you ask of them...

Because while you might be willing to pay for this system, the majority of players don't care. I would rather them spend their time developing other things besides frivolous paid services that don't matter.
Race Changes matter because of racial perks and customization.
Faction and Server transfers matter because people want to move realms/factions to play with their friends.
A paid service to change 'mains' is just silly, ESPECIALLY with account wide mounts and achievements already in.
you could make rep achievements like, the insane, 70 exalted, The Conqueror, account wide.

Maybe for "the insane" or Hero of Shattrath you change it to specify must be done on the same character to avoid making those too easy.

if 70 unique exalted reps is too low, you could increase the number obviously.
Are you asking for a class change or what? It looks that way, but I can't tell.

Not only would it be hellish for other max-level players (that geared-out monk you just let into your raid? Surprise! It's never been played before!) but the technical pieces would be hell. Do you go through each piece of gear and try to figure out what an equivalent would be for the new class? Do you just migrate them as-is?

If you're asking for what I think you're asking for, there's a massive difference between it and account-wide achievements. Huge. And it's not likely to ever happen -- not only would it be a technical nightmare, but it'd open up the possibility for all kinds of major problems.

I think you would still have to level the character, you would just redesignate them as your "main" and get FoS, rep, and other things that didn't really get moved account wide.

Imagine, you got Glad on your rogue, but you want to play a monk now, but you want the glad mount/title. you could switch that to another - already existing character, by "switching your main"
I think what's being misunderstood is that she's not asking for a 'class change' as has been suggested. She's not referring to having her level 1 monk suddenly become level 85 in place of her priest.

The suggestion is for to be able to pay for her fresh monk to gain all the reputation and character-achievement credit that her priest has, and losing said progress on the priest. The monk gains no levels and no experience for this, just simply absorbs the progress that the person has invested in WoW.

People grow attached to their characters, and the thought of throwing away all of the time and effort invested in a character because you've found another character you'd like to continue investing in is disheartening. With the current state of how Blizzard is doing things, I do not believe a transfer of secondary objectives (professions, reputations, character-based achievements) would be unimaginable by any means. That's not saying they'll do it, but I think the suggestion/request fits well with the current theme, rather you like it or hate it.
Thank you Wuzlo, Alludias, and Mitnal for understanding and trying to help explain.

Marrela, I wish this could have been implemented before you had to change your mains. I don't want to have just suck it up for the monk. There ARE a lot of toys in Mists, but it doesn't mean I'm not still attached to the hard work I've put in. I'm sure others would have opted for this service instead of ditching the character they've worked hard on for one completely fresh.

If it's not possible, which as of now it isn't, I will keep this character instead of playing the monk like I'd like to. Yes, I'll level another character, a monk this time, to max level, but it will just sit there getting dust because I have this character that I've done so much on. Alludias, explains it perfectly on how I mean for this to be.

I just think it would be silly to not have this suggestion circle around the office when this is something that not only is mostly available, but could also bring them more money. I'm sure there will be posts like, "Sure, Blizz needs more of my hard earned money." But honestly, all the current transfers don't HAVE to exist now. It's not like you can't make another character to max level easily on/for another server/faction/race, right? But they exist to make our lives easier for just a charge for the service. I'm okay with a higher price as well. The suggestion was because of how simple it should be since most of it should take less than adjustment of things like faction changing. But if it is to intentionally make it less attainable or even less desirable because it's pricey, you'll still get some of us who would gladly pay it to just get our hard work transferred. But if Blizz truly wants us to play more characters (quick leveling, heirlooms, bonus for referring, 'simplified' play, etc.) then I don't see why something like this isn't a possibility. I'd just like to see they idea bounced around the office (and preferably implemented)

Anyway, keep up with the informative responses! Thanks!

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