And the contagion spreads....

Posted by Zelly of WPF

I'd give you credit for being original, but Kil'Jaedan already came here with 80 people.

I'll be impressed if you can top them. Keep in mind we can also bring over Horde from your server as well, if you're anything like the other guys were the reason you came to a low pop RPPVP server is because you get stomped on your home field.

horde on my server suck its ally heavy but the horde on ravenhold kick !@# so fighting with you will be awesome

80 man lol that is nothing
yes i did

your point is ?
but you say other people suck, rofl

at wpvp noob
09/10/2012 03:05 AMPosted by Adiyolol
at outnumbering people and killing them? that's sounds like a good thing to be "good" at. idiot.

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