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Earthen Ring
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Recruitment for Heroic 10M progression raiding spots is currently OPEN.
    We have an immediate opening for a healer to help keep us alive through heroic progression!

Needs are as follows:
    We will consider ANY healer, preference to a non-Druid one, but we won't slam the door in a Druid's face. I could see Double Druid being nice on some of the upcoming heroic encounters.

Recruitment for Mythic Raiding is also open, technically. Please read:
    Due to the new raid set-up in the next expansion, Warlords of Draenor, we will need to expand our roster to 20+ raiders to support Mythic Raiding. We are technically open for recruitment, but please understand that since we already have 13 people, we cannot guarantee solid raiding spots at this time (unless you're a healer) until we build up enough for a 2nd raid team. We are running another raid night on Mondays devoted to people who plan to join us for Mythic Raiding. If we cannot fit you into the raid throughout the week, then we will definitely give you a priority spot for that one. As our main raiders obtain gear, it will be easier to fit new members into current heroic content. We will do our best to keep everyone active within the raiding scene (Unless you want to just hang til Mythic. That's cool too!).

Recruitment for flex raiding spots is currently OPEN.
    If you are interested in joining us for Flex raiding, please visit the details at our website, theremnantsguild.com and click on "Flex Raiding" for more info.

    Main Raid nights are Tues/Thurs/Sun nights 7:30 PM EST - 11 PM EST.
    Flex Raid nights are Wednesdays 7 PM EST - 11 PM EST.
    2nd Raid Team's raid night is Mondays 7:30 PM EST - 11 PM EST.

  • Must use Mumble
  • Must bring your own potions
  • Encouraged to bring own flasks
  • Noodle carts are provided, mat donations encouraged
  • Repairs are paid for by the guild
  • You will be sat sometimes. It is for the good of progression.
  • Our loot is technically handled using the Need/Greed system in the game. However, if we feel that a piece is better for another raid member and therefore a better upgrade for the guild as a whole, then we will ask that you pass it to that person. Everyone is expected to have a thorough knowledge of their class and know what gear is preferable to you.

    Guild info:
    Website: www.theremnantsguild.com

    The Remnants was founded 5 years ago on a planet far far away. It has been active on and off ever since. Myself and a few guildies have been here on Earthen Ring for a few years, and we brought the guild over in July 2012. We're serious about our progression, but we still love to have a good time.

    Past progression while current:
      5/6 H MSV, 6/6 HoF, 4/4 Terrace.
      7/13 H ToT
      8/14 H SoO (currently)

    If you wish to apply for any of the open positions (or simply have questions for us), then please send an in-game mail to Passion or add her battletag Krystal#1695. Or free to contact myself, Armethious, or Axii. Thank you for taking the time to read our thread and considering our guild. :)

    Hardcore two nights a week? 5 hours a week? Gotta at least go 20 hours a week!
    09/16/2012 12:48 AMPosted by Rezi
    Hardcore two nights a week? 5 hours a week? Gotta at least go 20 hours a week!

    hmm, it's actually 7 hours. whoops (11pm est not 10). but yes, we're aiming for a hardcore no bull!@#$ attitude with raiding, however most of us have very limited nights available due to school/work etc. As much as well all wish we could raid 20 hours a week, it isn't possible.
    a week to launch! come find your raiding guild!
    We're reopening recruitment for a Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman or Mage.
    We are itching to progress in this expansion but need to finish filling out our core.

    Fat laz0r chickens are welcome here also. As raiders that is, not food. ;)
    So many female draenei with pony-tails and names that are actual words o_o

    So many female draenei with pony-tails and names that are actual words o_o


    we have a thing for wordnames.
    You have(/had) toons named Dreadful, Willing, Wonders.

    So yeah, I don't find that hard to believe ^_^
    I am a sucker for word names. Always have been. x_x

    I used to be nelf, but sadly their racials do nothing for dps.. which is weird because you would think elves would have some kind of bonus to bows or something. Oh well. It's pretty much female draenei vs pandas in our guild right now. THE SPACE GOATS WILL REIGN SUPREME!

    Now that I think about it, I really do think our only non-panda or non-draenei in our core is our DK, who is human. (Not including druids. Poor souls can't be either!)

    But anyways! Since Willing is being super slow with updating, I get to be the first to announce that we're now 2/6 in MSV. We're still recruiting to fill out the dps spots though. LF people who like to kill bosses! :3
    Bump for a mage! <3
    bump, i love The Remnants
    We love the Rezi.<3 ^_^ And I can't lie.. I am super jealous of that phoenix you are sporting! Might need to dedicate our old raid day to challenge modes.. hmm!!! :D

    Elegon is down, but recruitment is up!

    Bump for a Mage OR a Boomkin. Thanksgiving has passed, so you don't have to worry about us roasting your turkey goodness for that scary day! If we don't get one of these classes, then all of the Vanquisher tokens will belong to ME!! And we don't want that happening, do we? :D


    EDIT: Recruitment for core raiding spots is currently closed as of this edit on 2/24/13.
    I like all your names.
    Hi (:
    We are opening recruitment to take in any good progression-oriented person who plays one of the following specs:

    Ret Paladin, DK, Warrior

    A plate dps is what we're primarily looking for.. HOWEVER! We are also open to taking in a solid, geared, non-priest healer or non-warrior tank.

    *Nudges Willing to update the main post*

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