[A] The Remnants - 8/14H LF Healer

Earthen Ring
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HALLO! <3 Great guy Imina. (:


Come one, come all! We need help with killing Cera's fat stupid cousin Horridon! He likes to shake his butt and be slammed into doors. You would think that something that dumb would be easy to kill, but apparently not. Need a mighty strong plate dps to help us out! :D
I totally said not to use Barney.

OH WELL! You'll survive.

Is Oondasta better?

Little Foot.
Land Before Time ftw. Cera fits better since she favors him more. =3
I forgot the names of everyone on that show.

I only remember Littlefoot.

...what happens when Littlefoot grows up and his foot isn't little?
I guess he turns into Bigfoot, and people ask him why he isn't fuzzy and standing on two feet. o_O

I laughed. A lot more than I should have.
yep yep yep!
Poor Duckie :(
WTB a Rogue to stab bosses in the butt!
I'm a rogue with a keen interest in stabbing things in the butt. I'll try to get in contact with you folks if you are still recruiting.
sup babe
@Tosey: Other than having herbalism as a profession (ZOMG WTF), you're looking mighty fine. Willing has added your battletag. We would like to interview you whenever it's convenient for you.

@Rezi: sup qtpi!

Wow lame. I wanted to put a pi symbol, but it shows up as n on here. =(

I like it
forums wut o.o
Zomg forums. It seems I've been having to visit these forums too often these days.

We no longer need a rogue to stab bosses in the butt. Now we're looking for some kind of clothie person to help us progress into the bosses hiding behind Durumu!

Shadow priest, Disc priest, or Warlock. We're flexible. AND WE KNOW YOU ARE OUT THERE!!
These things dont actually exist, what we really need is a pally tank so i can go beat mav dps every fight and make him sad.
Poofikinsjr too stronk

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