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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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"ARE YE' JOKIN' ME???!!" Baerb Steelgrim exclaimed.

Yet another auction lost involving the infamous Auctioneer O'reely.

Booty Bay was hot today, and Baerb was steaming on the inside as well... "Damn Goblins, always takin' me monies!" The dwarf slowly walked to the Stranglethorn Trust Bank to deposit his current winning from playing the auction house today.

"I've had enuff' of this here auction spending.. Brew sounds perfect right now." Baerb mumbled to himself.

The Paradise Inn was warm. It's tavern light setting such a dim and inviting mood, Baerb was hungry, and needed his mead.

"Barkeep, I'll be havin' some Stonescale soup, and a bit o' flask of port!"

"I'm feelin' single, n' drinkin' double!"

Baerb sat as patiently as a Dwarf could, whilst waiting for his drinks.
Alla'na Warclaw walked into the Inn, her hat shadowing over her face, she looks to her left to see a Dwarf drinking and shrugs, not wishing to be rude- She walks over to the bar silently and orders a drink, not looking up from her hat.
((Sorry for the small paragraph, ICly shes quiet and not very detailed. :D Hope you don't mind.))
Baerb pulls his face from his stew n' brew...

"Aye der' Elf!"

"What brings ye' here?"
Alla'na looks over, and when she talks her voice comes out emotion-less. "I am not an Elf, Sir- At least I do not consider myself one." Alla'na points to her hat to point out her ears were tucked in under it, "I cut off half of each one of my own ears to make this a point."

Alla'na nods, as she is handed her brew she drinks it down, letting it only part her lips for a second to say. "I am an Exile, Sir."
Baerb almost chokes on his brew!


Baerb puts down his spoon, his stein, and crumples up his napkins.

"Ye' must be drinkin' yer sorrows away!"

Baerb seems very eager to listen in on Alla'na, and the story she has to tell... The stout Dwarf didn't mind her shyness.. But he knew she had an interesting tale.

"Ahh, where are me manners?"

"The names Baerb Steelgrim! Well met!" Baerb reaches out to greet Alla'na, his fingers short and thick.. His person reeked of ale.
Alla'na scoffs under her hat, then looks surprised at his out stretched hand- Usually people did not extend warm welcomes to an Exile. "I am Alla'na Warclaw." She nods, shaking his hand briefly before returning to her brew.

"Well met, as well."
Baerb is more intoxicated than he thought. He knew the Kaldorei had a love-hate relationship with the Dawrves, but something about this Exile.. Someone was different.

Then Baerb comes up with a brilliant idea, he was drunk now.. and in the mood for a wonderful story!

"Aye, barkeep! Another double fer me!"

"So der' Miss Warclaw... Erm, assuming you ARE a miss..?" Baerb had severely impaired vision by now...

"What is yer story? Why in heaven's name are ye an Exile?"

((Im not getting much out of you am I? xD))
((For Alla'na this is talking a lot! :D))

Alla'na blinks, she actually did prefer Dwarves over Kaldorei- She spent a few years in Ironforge before her Exile. "I am a Miss, unless I was lied to, Sir."

She takes in a good amount of brew before speaking again, "I was a Sentinel General- Before Exile, I was declared insane, for killing my own Sentinels, I suppose that is the end of my tale?" She shrugs, sippin' on her brew with no emotion.
Maybarr walks into the bar silently and with purpose.

He listens closely to what the Dwarf and Exile are saying.
Maybarr orders a round of Swift Thistle tea.
Baerb's eyes widen. His furry mouth drops to the floor.


"I'll have another!" Baerb slams his ale down, and bangs his stein on the bar.

It was as if the Dwarf's own drunken stupor completely disregarded the serious offenses that Alla'na committed.

"Whatever ye' did... Today is the day I share a fine brew, with you!"

The Dwarf was clearly vulnerable at this point.
Alla'na shrugs, she looks over to Maybarr and stops talking. She grabs another brew and silently drinks it, being smart and not talking.
Baerb notices the Exile stopped talking. He was drunk, but not drunk enough not to know something was up.

"Erm... 'Ello der' Human..!"

Baerb's eyes quickly shift to the human, who ordered a Swift Thistle tea.

"Hehehe, a Tea for yew lad??!" Baerb cackles.

"I was once an infant too ye' know!"
Maybarr continues to look forward.

"What's your name... Dwarf?"
Alla'na smirks slightly under her hat, but it was short-lived. She brushes the rim of her hat off, sipping down on her brew.
Maybarr notices a small bag of coin hanging from the dwarf's belt loop.
Baerb was eager to introduce himself yet again!

"Ahem... 'De name is Baerb.... Baerb Steelgrim"

Baerb smiled as he thought of how he introduced himself very similar to a childhood hero of his.

The Dwarf had a huge grin on his face, bits of food and... other particles laced his red beard.

"And who might yew be..?" Baerb asked inquisitively.
Alla'na contuines to drink her brew, amused at how the situation quickly switched to where now she was watching the two men talk.
Alla'na sighs, "Seem the Rogue has his tonuge caught? That or he is as drunk as you." She looks to Baerb from under her hat.

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