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Baerb chuckles, as he finished his fifth brew.

"It seems that way, eh?"

"N' you thought you were gonna' get out of talkin' to me did ya?"

Baerb smiles warmly.
Alla'na shrugs, "I don't enjoy social affairs very much, I rather out be..."

Alla'na seems to actually has a sting of anger in her next words, "'Being Useful'" She rolls her shoulder then goes back to no emotion as she drinks.
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Baerb, begins drinking another ale...

"Ha, yew think yer de' only one?"

Baerb is almost insulted by Alla'na's impetulance.

"Yer not de' only one who feels that way m'lady."

If only the Exile knew Baerb... The brew was breaking through his Dwarven emotional safeguard..
Alla'na rolls her eyes from under her hat, "I don't believe that was meant to be an insult to anyone BUT myself." Alla'na seems equally insulted, ecspially at the 'M'lady'

Alla'na rolls her shoulder again under the weight of her two swords, drinking silently.
Baerb is almost too intoxicated to comprehend the situation, but his words remain sharp.

"Is chivalry dead..? Ha!"

"Me mother taught me manners fer a reason, ya know!"

Most people would be put-off by Alla'na, and her abrasiveness. Not Baerb. This Dwarf craved someone like this, someone as alienated as him.
Alla'na blinks slowly, seeming confused by his random chatter- In an attempt to get him sober later she quickly flips up in the air and swiftly takes the brew he was drinking away, ((Attempt)) "You might wish- To stop drinking to the point of stupid, Sir- As for Chivarly, its as good as dead to the Kaldorei."
Normally, the Dwarf would have been up in arms about the attempt. But this time, he would let it slide.. The mug is released from this strong grip.

Baerb's eyes widen a bit..

"Yew and I, Alla'na... We 'rnt so different..." He grins.
Alla'na tilts her head, wondering if he was still in his drunken chatter, "Are you sure about that, Dwarf? I'm the one who can handle the brew here- After all." She nods slowly.
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Baerb wipes off his mouth and beard.. and interestingly enough, his face.

He looks at Alla'na and stoically says, " Ye' that's right. Tis' really me talkin' here, not the brew."

Baerb looks as if he has something very interesting to say.
Alla'na contuines to stare at the man, not use to a Dwarf acting so much like an Exile. "And what are you saying, Dwarf?"

Alla'na puts her drink down, still looking at him.
Baerb grins, he finally has her attention.

"Exiled might not be de' correct term fer it, but outcasted... Dat' der is more like it."

Baerb is convinced he has Alla'na gripped in.
Alla'na blinks slowly, then returns to her drink for a second- Not giving any signs of intoxication. "You don't seem like an Outcast, but go on."
"Ahh, well at least that makes two of us!"

Baerb cheers loudly with excitement!

"Ya see here, Steelgrim is a clan of Dwarves who are not very receptive to the idea of a hunter."

"When I was a wee' lad, I took fond interest in beasts, and wildlife... More than others in my Clan; others only seen beasts as meals.. nothing more..."

Baerb looks as if he speaking to a dear friend.

Baerb pauses for a breath...
Alla'na raises her hand under her hat and scratchs her chin that could not be seen due to her hat. She contuines to listen.
"But still I pursued my interests, despite being laughed at everyday."

"My brothers, Klurk, Brogim, Brunor; they are all warriors. But me, Ima' hunter."

"Upon adulthood, the alienation became more and more intense.."

Baerb chuckles to himself...

"So just like I had planned since I was young - I left."

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