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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Wanting to drown out the blood elf himself Easkeruth toook off his ear pluggs and sang along.

And all call:
O, ho, finish in one
Down, down
Until it’s all gone!

"Carry it on dear friend! Spread the word, perhaps more will attend the Inn. As for this Dwarf.. Barkeep, set me up with a room! I need some of 'der sleep!"

Baerb stumbles up the stairs to his room...

"Hoorah!" he chants one last time before he passes out.

((Hopefully you all are late nighters, hehe Im gonna hit the sack be back tomorrow!))
Gilaras coughs awkwardly...

"Dwarven... Noise..."

He takes a sip of wine... "Let's try something with a little more flare to it...?"

Prestige looks excited, as if it was his first time on stage.

((Night Baerb, this has truly been a great thread! Hope not everyone isnt tired!))
((stay up all night! lol)) noticing that the blood elf was about to do something he decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.
It was Gilaras' turn... Or Prestige. His tale was interesting to say the least... He was similar to your modern day movie star.. Allow him to explain...

"Ahh, is this thing on? Whizbang!"

A voice from the background shouts, "Yeah boss, itz on yo'"

"Thank you Whizbang. Anyways, AHEM!"

"It was many years ago, when I first took to the stage. My father, Kegorik Sunsworn never thought I would be so successful. But oh how i fooled him. It was my first play in Silvermoon city, Titled: Cool Hand Luke, and the Frosty Touch. I was a mage, attempting to establish himself in warfare.. Yadda Yadda Yadda, BORING! The play was a success though, with my peers...."

Prestige takes a sip of wine, spinning it in his hand.. Wondering if the furry man's pretentious ears are still listening?
Easkeruth was listening to his life story and was a bit intrigued on what actually had happened during his time. 'And what made him so snobby' thought Easkeruth with a grunt.
((Was sleeping, and i'll see you all tomorrow XD))

Alla'na had been silent the whole time, not unexpected of her. "Well I am off, you all may contuine your idiotic conversation." She walks out of the bar, hat covering her face.
((ouch thats mean xD, alright night night))
Alla'na walks back into the bar, surprised at the silence she walks to the bar to see the Worgen and Blood elf still there. She shrugs, ordering a drink and remaining silent.
Thorin Holyshroud walked into the tavern, some dried blood on his sword and armor. He was a Stormwind Guard, but instead of a short sword and shield, this man used a giant two handed blade. He took off his helmet and chest piece to relief him of some weight. "Hmmm, much better." He muttered to himself, as his chest armor was removed, people in the tavern could see on his arms said, "Law" on one arm and "Order" on the other, they were tattooed on his forearms.

He walked up to the bar and noticed the kaldorei, worgen, and sin'dorei. He smiled at them, his blonde, spiky hair shined in the light. He asked for a mug of mead, placing some silver down on the table. He grinned lightly, excited to taste his first mead ever since his departure. He cracked his knuckles and neck loudly. "Uh! That's the stuff."
Alla'na feels like laughing when she sees the man with blonde spikey hair, instead she simply says: "Please, put a shirt on..." She then goes back to her drink.
Thorin looked over at the kaldorei woman and nodded politely, putting on a short sleeved shirt, still having his tattoos shown to whoever cared to look at him. He sighed as he received his mug mead and took a long swig on it. He sighed with relief. He had been killing Bloodsail Buccaneers all day. He cracked his back, groaning from his body cracking a lot.

He sighed and shook his head, sipping his mead some more. He began to scout around the tavern, eyeing all the other patrons of the bar. He noticed multiple beings of different backgrounds.
"Awe ye'! Top o' the mornin'!"
Easkeruth looked up from his sleep to see a new person here. 'A Stormwind guard?' he thought.

He then looked up to see Baerb coming down from the sleeping areas.

"Hello friend, good to see you"
Alla'na raises her hand, and wipes her whole face with it under her hat slowly. As if she needed her whole hand to stay awake, "Haven't you two only known each other for an hour or two? Skip the friendship braclets- I'd advise." She sneers sarcastically before turning back to her drink.

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