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I understand you don't want people (hacker) to be able to attach one authenticator to multiple B.Net accounts. I get it, I really do. But I why isn't there a way to make sure, 100% sure that the person wanting to put one authenticator on multiple B.Net accounts is who he says he is.

You allow government ID to be used as proof. You allow a person to change all kinds of stuff on the phone by just asking a secret question. You could (could) check that the same billing info is used. You could check their names (first and last). You could ask them all kinds of info that only they would know.

I was told that I would be allowed to use my authenticator on multiple B.Net accounts, but now with the forcing to change authenticators, I can't use one authenticator on multiple B.Net accounts. Why can't you ask someone way high up and ask for permission to allow multiboxers to use one authenticators on multiple B.Net accounts as long as you verify they are all used by one person?
They WERE allowed to be.. and could have continued that way.. but yes, with the security reset, this has forced people off of it that way.

With multiboxers, or people with more than one account. You can have up to 8 licences under one, and still log into each individualy, as well as then it would use the same authenticator for all of them :)

This doesnt cost money to do, but it is something you have to call billing to have them do manualy, cant be done yourself.
It would be nice to have the option to allow one authenticator to be put on multiple B.Net accounts if the names match.

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