LFM Daily X-Realm Durotar Ganking

Hello everyone over the past few days I have been leading various pug group's that go into different realms durotar's and cause mayhem and some epic world PvP!

Over the course of our groups we have attacked realms like Area 52, Mal'Ganis, Illidan, and many many lower pop realms in what eventually ends up in battles like this http://i49.tinypic.com/rkaes3.jpg ( Yes we were wiping lol )

I need reliable players to join these pugs including healers and very strong DPS who can listen to directions if you are interested in joining these groups please send an ingame tell to either Noxá ( Alt + 0225 for the á ) or Ahnii with your battletag along with your class / spec attached in the letter somewhere

Here is a video of one of the more lengthy fights


Any players joining this group need to have strong computers that can handle massive AoE spells being cast many people in a small area and load new area's very fast

Question and Answer:

  • Q: When do you normally do these runs?
  • A: Around 5pm Server time
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  • Q: ZomG we wiped does this group suck or what
  • A: Wiping is something that we cannot avoid its as simple as 40 players cannot kill an entire server especially realms like Illidan / Mal'ganis / Area 52 if you don't like it go back to farming noobs in random bg's

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  • Q: What realms do you gank?
  • A: Varies on the size of the group and how strong our healers and DPS are
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  • Q: How do you do this?
  • A: I personally have an alternate account that I make a Deathknight on a seperate WoW on and invite the deathknight to the raid group and give it leader which brings us to the realm we want
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  • Q: Why do you take so long to have us go and attack
  • A: We need to rebuff and res inbetween wipes and summon new players that joined the raid if you don't have patience please do not bother joining the group
  • Updated with a Video.
    Wow your UI is terrible.
    09/07/2012 09:24 PMPosted by Dodgie
    Wow your UI is terrible.

    That's not what my UI normally looks like and its not meant for 40man raids so its going to be messed up lol also half of my addons are out of date. anywho thanks for the free bump ^^
    Did you get much resistance on Area 52? I played there for about a year and a half and the PvP community was always dying.
    09/08/2012 07:43 AMPosted by Akhiro
    Did you get much resistance on Area 52? I played there for about a year and a half and the PvP community was always dying.

    Area 52 is actually the realm that wiped us the fastest once we got some resistance we were killing about 10-15 out in durotar then all of a sudden about 80~90 horde just came and killed our raid lol

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