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I will be working on a website for the Order soon. If you're interested in joining this IC Warlock role play association, I suggest you check out some of the later posts for details on the evolving structure of the Order. Also, the Order is strictly anti-Legion. If you are a follower of the Legion, you may attempt to infiltrate the Order, but you have to be willing to accept some very serious IC consequences if you do and are caught.

Gamon summoned his demon. It was an imp, one he had summoned many times before, and one which he was confident obeyed him, and him alone. That is why, when the imp appeared before him holding a letter, he promptly hid behind a table, bravely preparing himself for incineration. He squealed as the imp poked him with the letter. Trembling, and stinking of . . . honor, he took the letter. It burst into a small ball of green fire. Gamon mooed in surprise. The ball spoke. "Warlock, you are invited to meet with me in Ashenvale, the evening of September 9th, at the tenth hour. I will be before the Canyon where Mannoroth fell. Should you choose to come, great rewards will follow. The Order of the Veiled Eye awaits." The ball of fire burned away into nothingness.

Gamon gave up his dream of being the first tauren warlock that day, but little did he know that many other more serious warlocks had also gotten that same message. And not all were as cowardly as he.

- - - - - - -

The Order of the Veiled Eye is an all warlock, cross faction IC organization that I am forming. It will meet once every two weeks in its headquarters of Demon Fall Canyon. It is designed to be the Warlock's version of the Cenarion Circle, and I hope it will encourage more people to enter into the redesigned warlock class and give warlock RP a try!

Membership in the Order is not confined to Alliance or Horde. I suggest those who plan on attending have the glyph of Demon Hunting prepared. This will allow them to understand Demonic which will facilitate cross-faction communication.

Our first meeting will be tomorrow at 10PM server time! The event plan for the evening is as follows:

  • Introductions
  • Orientation
  • Rules
  • Induction/Oath Taking
  • Legion's Fall
  • Choosing a Champion
  • I. Introductons
    - I will be introducing the Order to the attendees and explaining why they were summoned.

    II. Orientation
    - I will be giving a speech on why it is time for Warlocks to band together and create a place where they can study their arts in relative peace, beyond the prying eyes and petty superstitions of their host nations.

    III. Rules
    - The requirements of having refuge among the Order, and the consequences of breaking these oaths will be explained.

    IV. Induction
    - Those warlocks interested in pooling their knowledge and power, in building (or subduing) a place where they can increase their power and influence, will enter into the Order of the Black Rod.

    V. Legion's Fall
    - Mogrud will announce why he held the meeting where he did. A demon lord has established Demon Fall Canyon as his lair and is preparing to open a portal to Azeroth and launch a new invasion! The newly formed Order will confront this demon and his legions, and subdue them, taking Demon Fall Canyon for their own use.

    VI. Choosing a Champion
    -With the Order established and the Legion threat ended, the Order will choose a Champion who will lead the hunt for any warlock who defies the Order's laws. How is this Champion chosen? Trial by combat of course. (In game, IC duels.)

    And that's the plan! I hope you all choose to bring your warlock alt! There is no level requirement.

    There we go, finished!
    I am going to try an see this!

    Has potential, with the centurion circle thing, but even perhaps more fun in coming into conflict with the Silver Hand RP order
    Order of the... Black... Rod?....

    Name is not perhaps the best chosen but the potential of a group like this is limited only by incompetence of the players...

    So everyone endeavor to be awesome!

    "Apparitions of eternal darkness
    Spiraling in circles through the night
    Creatures of beguiling blackness
    No more squinting in the light

    Bats and owls and coiled sea dragons
    Crocodile and carrion beasts
    Swirling in the growing darkness
    Join us in the coming feast

    Spectre wraith and apparition
    Spirit demon phantom shade
    Salamander serpents dog-faced devils
    Dance and watch the dying sunlight fade"
    - Yzma's song
    Mind if I sit around in the background behind a tree or something and just watch? It seems like it might be interesting to see.

    Edit: Nvm, I'll be stuck in DS at that time. e_e
    We have the game power now, now we need to flex our RP muscles,
    MoP isn't Mists of Pandaria, it's Masters of Pawns, it's all about warlocks! XD

    Adira will likely attend. Something like this tends to draw her attention, and if the sole intent is to simply study away from prying eyes, the better. She would also be curious about the whole thing in other ways, too. Rule things out before you make a judgment, after all.

    Adira sat beneath the Lamb and lofted a brow. This intrigued her...

    But there was still doubt. Warlocks did not always do things 'properly' even if they had the best of intentions. She was example enough of that. Yes, she would attend.

    "Imp, tell whoever sent you this message. 'I shall attend, but listen well. If I smell trap, there will be death.' Do you understand the words of the Witch Hunter, imp?"


    And she was alone again. This would be interesting, regardless.
    09/08/2012 12:15 PMPosted by Maarcus
    I'm a paladin, do I get to summon demons.
    And then Karob realized that Marcus was a DREADLORD. DUNDUNDUN.
    'I said I'm a Dreadlord, not a Druglord...'
    Wait, what's wrong with the name?

    I even did a google search!
    Eh, I'll bump it again later.
    I'll be sure to contact you oocly before I bring my warlock, but sounds like fun!
    Black Rod, you say?
    I want black rods :<
    See? Better name needed!
    Warlocks you say?

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