Guild Officers Needed!!!

Hey! My friend and I just bought a level 8 guild. We re-named it "Order of the Lotus". The past 2 days it's been SUPER hard recruiting because no one wants to join a level 8 guild. I am looking for officers that will be on A LOT and be super active. I really want this guild to grow and become something :D. Basically we need officers that are Trustworthy, Active, and has a never give up attitude. Our current goal is to recruit members and level up the guild to 25 before MoP releases! Once that goal has been completed I want to establish a core RBG and Raid group that will be doing stuff daily. I am on quite a bit but not on 24/7. That's why I need officers who I can trust to maintain and keep the guild up and running :D I also need at least one officer whose main priority is to recruit :D A vent will be up and running asap to! So if your interested please reply to this Forum Post/ Thread then we will go from there :D (Make sure you post on this thread!!!)

Realm: Dark Spear
Faction: Alliance
Level Of Guild: 8
Members: 8 (Me, my friend, and alts)
wsp me in game later to chat.

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