Herald of the Titans

Hello Thrall,
I am looking for some people who would want to do herald of the titans with me. I have my druid in almost a full tank set for it. All I ask is a lvl 80 with an iLvL as close to 226. Make sure you don't have gear that will ruin it. If anyone would like to do one let me know. Shooting for the Saturday before MoP!
I have a Herald twink paladin I can bring if you need the help. Already have the title, but it's fun to do. Main spec holy, but I've got ~226 sets for all 3 specs.
I'm gearing up one atm, just hit 80 on it yesterday
Our guild is working on this achievement as well. We have quite a few people level 80 and already working on the gear. Check in with myself or Katiyane (or any concept member really.)
Sounds awesome. I should be done with my gear in a week or 2 I will keep in touch with all of you.
FFS did this a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty easy. Don't worry about full 226, many of our guys had 219 gear and it went fine. Good luck!
I've got a hunter geared for this and would like to do it as well and know the fight inside out :)
I am aiming for the 22nd to do it. And about the gear. Yeah I am just running Uld 10s for gear and buying w/e 226 gear with JPs I cant get. Should be very simple.
Well I am just a ring short now as a druid tank. I am aiming for the Saturday before MoP release. 22nd. I will be going into uld next week and killing everything and saving the lock at alg. If anyone here wants to come and will be ready for that day at 8PM please post here so I can fill in the other spots!
I have an elemental shaman still at level 80 that I'd like to gear up for this (actually, it's gear down, since it's in mostly ICC gear). If you are running any ulduars let me know. Battletag Starscream#1512
I got it done this weekend but I'll try to be free to help out since it's a fun fight.

Wiped once due to someone not collapsing the stars properly. Definitely helps to have good dps as you get one big bang then can push him to phase 2. Once you're there it's more or less a kill. Healing seemed to be the toughest part of the fight.
Jeez Februari, I didn't know you could do anything on the forums besides troll on level 1 alts. Strange to see you be useful for once.
I have a rogue I'm gearing currently for it. I'd be able to help you out.
^ this is me. Posted on the wrong toon.

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