Arena Skirmish Petition

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If you want arena skirmishes back, please sign this petition.

They keep saying nobody used them, and implemented the "War Games" system. Personally, I did arena skirmishes ALL THE TIME. I have not EVER done a single War Game. At least implement that you can queue for "War Games" against random people (I personally liked the fact that with skirmishes you would get paired with random classes and learn how to synergize with every class in the game).

Another great thing I loved about skirmishes is that if you wanted to try a strategy on your own time, you could queue solo and get paired with someone and see if it worked. That way you didn't have to find anyone to play with you, meaning that while you were trying something new, you didn't have to force someone else to suffer through something that might now work over and over and you could do it while you were on your own time.

If you guys think of another good reason they should be re-implemented, please post them here.
/Signed until the end of time!
Would rather have a que feature on wargames but /sign i guess.
Petitions are "frowned upon."
09/09/2012 04:35 PMPosted by Skwish
Petitions are "frowned upon."

Skirmishes were a big part of the game for me. Queue times were always very short. It was a fun. Everyone used it. Blizzard claims they took it out because no one used them. Fact is, it probably took up lots of server resources because lots of people used it. But it doesn't sound good saying "We took this popular feature away because it takes up server resources, even though we get millions of dollars from our subscribers every month."
09/09/2012 02:53 PMPosted by Peärs
Completely supported, but wouldn't it be easier if they just allowed you to que for a random war game?

Yes, provided war game was cross skirmishes were.

I always found this aspect of the game fun. I hear Blue talk all the time about changes they make because the feature, spell, etc. was not fun. Well, skirmishes were fun. Maybe not for everyone, but they didn't have to que for them. They were fun to me!
09/09/2012 04:40 PMPosted by Kreyyn
Petitions are "frowned upon."


*shrug* Ask Blizzard, their rule. First sticky.

played skirms all day. way more fun than random bgs
09/09/2012 09:25 PMPosted by Syfix

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