Arena Skirmish Petition

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I really like skirms for practicing being gone for a year and a half from wow and trying to jump back into arena is really really hard without a means to practice, its really hard to find a team and I don't have the achieves to help me find the team on this toon.
09/09/2012 03:54 PMPosted by Bluebolts
Would rather have a que feature on wargames but /sign i guess.

Like group skirmishes?
Either or would be fine. Let the players play the game and have fun.
Skirmishes x 1000 for no rewards is more fun than 8 daily quests each freaking day....

Skirms were a great way of trying new gear pieces or a new spec setup maybe an addon even without tanking ratings & you wouldnt have to ask around & put people out just to do so.
Signed again


Miss em.
/sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign
Signed, would be awesome.
signed. i used to queue skirmish all the time. would love to see it back.

If they want wargames so bad, why can't we have both?

Wargames and Skirmishes.... What's wrong with that?
signed x 1000
/signed x1000000

I cannot believe they removed Skirms
100% /Signed.

I use to queue skirmishes all day long, they bring back the memories of old days like Stealthing into Stormwind, inviting a random player and queuing. Leave the game and they die in the Stormwind battle room <3.

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