Arena Skirmish Petition

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this is my first ever post on here just because i am hoping they bring back skirmishes so ill sign the petition but ill also add that if they made it to where you can do random wargames it wouldnt be as bad imo because then you dont have to just know a bunch of different people to grp up with to do them
Thread's going to be deleted because petitions have no form of a constructive discussion.

Petition Threads get deleted. All the time.
already signed just bumping
This has been done many times and I've /signed everytime.. Blizzard never seems to listen. Oh well here it goes again! /signed
all they need to do is put a "open pool" option for wargames and use the wargames servers
09/09/2012 04:35 PMPosted by Skwish
Petitions are "frowned upon."

It's not strictly a "petition", as stated in the last line of the post, "please post any other good reasons why they should be re-implemented" - paraphrasing of course.
What's an arena skirmish?
they dont read arena forums, and, go to general, and itd probably have to be 100 pages for blizzard to even respond...

and to those confused skrimishes are same as wargames pretty much, the only difference is that you could queue alone for skirmishes, but you could also queue with friends.

signed, loved them back in the day!
They were perfect for arena practice without spending hours in trade chat looking for somebody interested enough to help you try something obscure. They need to come back.
Signed x100
Petition threads are frowned upon. Whether or not I like that fact or not is irrelevant.

However, I would do anything for skirmishes or "random war games" to be returned. There are countless reasons to bring it back.

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