Arena Skirmish Petition

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/ Signed
signed, miss this feature.
signed in just to say hell yes /signed
I remember back in Wrath, I use to spend hours upon hours doing 2vs2 skirmishes. They was so much fun, always facing random people and doing stupid comps, just to have fun. Then came the release of Cata. I was bored outa my freaking mind. Nobody would do wargames, and even now with the crz, its still hard to find wargames, or if you do, its only against top rated players and comps.


yay skirmishes
Yea, I feel like the topic has become a broken record. I really enjoyed skirmishes and they were absolutely fundamental to me getting better on my first pvp toon. The biggest help came from being able to test macros and addons without wasting game time with my partners. In one case, my partner was from Australia and my window of play time was pretty small. Really sucks if you want to test something you have to either wait till your partner(s) are on or organize a war game. Even on a packed server like Illidan, doing war games is still a pain, and a lot of the teams looking are 2400 to gladiator range, not exactly for the bulk of players.

Now that you can be que'd for multiple things at once, skirmishes should be tossed back into the fray. Would be awesome to be que'd for a 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, and a bg at the same time.

Can they Leave both ?

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