Proof of Demise [25] recruiting

Bleeding Hollow
Recent transfer guild Proof of Demise is currently seeking to bolster it's ranks with fellow older, like minded individuals looking for a home for MoP. Proof of Demise was formerly Children of Sparta on a former realm, and was founded in the summer of 2008, so we've been around awhile.

Our primary reason for moving to Bleeding Hollow was for raiding purposes, so first and foremost, we're hoping to find older players who are greater than casual but less than truly hard-core raiders. We wish to raid successfully as content becomes available.

Second to raiding, we've got a group of us that enjoy PVP, and we're hoping to find more like minded individuals that are older that enjoy PVPing as well.

Whether you enjoy both, or you're more one type of player, if you're older, more mature, and don't have baggage and drama with you, we're looking to add to our little band of misfits, so you can either contact us in game, or you can go by our website,

Our vent information can be provided for you to come speak with us about joining.
Oh, and anybody that is pvp only, don't worry, we have players already that are pvp only, pvp comes first to them. I love both, pvp and pve, but I go for raiding first, and then I get into pvp. But don't take that to mean pvp is not important to us all. To those that only raid, of course it isn't going to be important, but to those that pvp only, and to those of us that do both, it is tons of fun in the Bleeding Hollow Sun!
Bump . . . forgot how quickly these posts fall down the forum ladder due to the tremendous activity around here.
Do we have no more mature gamers on Bleeding Hollow? Surely with the nice population on this realm we have more older players seeking a home for MoP!
The few new recruits we have in the guild have assisted us in getting to level 25 as a guild.

Now we're looking for a few good players to round out our raiding crew and a few good players to round out our pvp crew!

Come be part of the fun and enjoy good times with us as we roll into MoP!!!
Thank god you're not a DK with that name. Good luck!
rotflmao yeah that isn't the first time I've heard that one. I have never even leveled my death knight, never really liked that class all that much, but alas, I may end up having to do so and pull him out of the pack boxes and get him leveled. Luckily he has a much different name though!!

I laugh every time I see one of you guys somewhere. I live down here in southern Louisiana, so it's funny when I see Gator Boots! *lol*

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