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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
((OOC INTRO)) Zuldjan, the orcish shaman has retired from ambassadoring and opened a tavern atop one of the spires in Feralas. (its named for something a friend of his saw while very, very, very, drunk, a creature resembling a walrus but with moose antlers, and also flying. aside from the drinking connection, the bar is named that because he though having a tavern on top of a spire in feralas was as likely as a flying walgurmoose actually existing.)

Its open to any race faction, fights can of course break out, but will likely be broken up if they get out of hand (and if you destroy his tavern, Zuldjan will rip your spine out and re-insert it in unpleasant places)

The Barkeep is a troll mage named Ramodius, there are several blood elf waitresses.

Have fun!

currently, as Ihealedyou and Zuldjan are the only people present, they're having a bit of intense character development stuff, but by all means don't be intimidated. come start your own things and lighten the mood. its getting far too melodromatic and broody.
Coris Amberflame had been told that there was a new tavern that opened and he decided to check it out. After ordering a light wine he sat down in a chair in the middle of the tavern. He held his stomach the entire time and only toook tiny sips.
Zuldjan walked out of his office to see his old friend Coris at one of the tables. "Coris, my friend! come up to the VIP, and we'll share a cask of my finest wine, not the watered down swill Ramodius gave you. Its on the house!"

he staggered a bit, and leaned heavily on the doorframe. he pulled out his mana snuff and took a puff.

Ramodius looked disgusted. "That'll kill you mon, I thought you said you gave it up"

Zuldjan spat at him and grunted, turning around and stumbled back into his office.

Ramodius just sighed and went back to polishing the bar, though he looked on the verge of tears.
At the site of his old friend Coris was extatic. "Hey bud whats going on?" he asked. Then Coris saw the mana snuff in his hand. "Give it here" he said holding out his paw. "You know what I told you, no more than a few times a week" he finished.
Zuldjan sighed. "its killing me Coirs, and not just that. I've put more filth in my system than you knew existed. I thought the change of scenery would do me good, and for a while it did, but it follows me. If I couldn't resist the temptation when I was a stronger man, how can this broken husk do it now? I'm not even sure where to place my loathing anymore. I've been destroying myself for years. I wonder if you might be kinder to let me finish the job.
"Friend I am not about to lose you" he said still holding out his paw. "Now give it here one day without it wont hurt, and I am always here to help if you ever drop." Coris had met the shaman a while back and helped him with his substance abuse but it seemed Coris had to step his game up. "Now give it here Zuldjan, now."
He handed it over. "you know I can always get more, Coris, but thank you just the same. You are better than I deserve, and I hope you live to see a better world than I have.

He turned towards the horizon. "its beautiful here, but its beautiful everywhere. even the wastes of sithilus have an alien dreamscape, the volcanoes of the east inspire awe like little else can. no, it is those who live upon the earth that make it ugly, and no matter the scenery one can never escape the ugliness within themselves. ...I need something to fight for Coris, I need any enemy without to save me from the enemy within. Solitude and leisure hold no succor for me anymore, I cannot truly rest, I long ago lost the capacity for contentment. Only conflict can take my mind off things, I need something to do, but all I have worked for came to naught. Am I to join the war I worked all of my life to end just to save it? all the foes I could fight without betraying myself have long since fallen. Tell me Coris, What am I to do??
Coris had searched throught the brink of his mind to figure out a way to help his depressed friend when it struck him. "You should join the Cenarion Circle" he said feeling confident he offered an option to his lost friend. The Cenarion Circle would treat him right. Coris had never entered the group but have only spoken to them several times. He knew his friend would get help there.
Zuldjan pondered the notion for a while. "Thank you for your kind words, Coris. The Cenarion Circle is certainly a force for good, and I have worked with them in the past. I however... need something ...more Visceral. Still, it is worth a try. It cannot hurt me any more than I already am. perhaps they can find me the righteous war I seek."

He stood silently a while, still gazing into the horizon " I have never been a Pacifist Coris, Indeed, I cannot deny I possess a great bloodlust; yet I worked for years for peace because the war we are fighting is pointlessly destructive, and the bloodthirst of a few should not condemn the whole of the world. I fight oddly enough, for peace, I always have. I threw myself against the demons and the scourge, and all else that threatened our world, and yet... ah, I lose track of what I'm saying. I fear I must retire for the night, Friend. Anything you want is one the house"

he leaned out into the main room and beckoned to one of the serving girls who followed him upstairs.

Ramodius turned to Corris. "He's a sad story that mon. Ah Knew him back in da good ol days, when we was slayin demons and scourge and savin the world, and when he had dat elf woman, him was never happiah. I saw him do great things and he wa a great mon once. ...but he's not dat mon no more. he's still in there somewhere, but he's burried deep. ah almost can't bear ta watch him, but I stay by him fo old times sake. how long ya been know him mon? he talk to you more than he talk to me even. If you can help him I praise ya, but I don know ya can, mon.

((hope you could read the troll dialect)) ((I have to go to bed, I have morning classes tomorrow))
Coris smiled at Ramodius. "I am trying my best and I will get him the help he needs" Coris said. Hopefully the Cenarion Circle will help. "I think I am going to head into a room myself" concluded Coris. After the bartender gave him the keys he went into his room to take a rest.

((its fine i could read its just 'mon' --> 'man' so its cool. And on that note i know how you feel, school >.>))
...AND THEN A DRAGON ATTACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
((because we needed a change of pace, lol))
((oh crud xD))

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