Where am i bottlenecking for 25H raids+fraps?

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There are times during raids that i dip into the 30-40 fps range on 25H content. I have a gtx 670 FTW overclocked to 1202 max boost and 3305 memory clock, and an i5-3570k at 4.5 ghz. This is with everything on ultra at 1920x1080 on the primary monitor and usually a google chrome page open on a 2nd 1600x900 2nd monitor. I thought wow was supposed to be a fairly easy game to play at ultra? shouldn't I be getting more fps?

This is without FRAPS at all either, which is one of the reason I overclocked it in the first place. I want to be able to FRAPS our 25H raids at 1080p. I can only pull off half size (which looks bad) and still manage to get a decent frame rate while playing, but the videos always end up <10 fps.

So is it my overclocked gtx 670 or my overclocked i5-3570k that's bottlenecking my system here?
WoW is commonly mistaken for a game "that could run on a toaster". Cutting-edge raiding content often has a lot of fancy graphics that do stress the hardware. It also doesn't help engine hasn't really been optimized.

Nothing is bottlenecking you. It's the limitation of WoW, as well as any addons you are using.
Thanks for the responses. If I disable recount and all other unnecessary addons you think i could get 30 fps video at full resolution in FRAPS? Is there anything in fraps itself other than just lowering the size (and thus the quality) that will help me increase recorded fps?
Record FRAPS to a secondary drive, instead of drive with OS + WoW on. This would significantly help.
It currently is to both :( My WoW installation and OS are on my 120gb SSD, and fraps is being recorded to my 1TB WD caviar black HDD.

I tried messing around with the settings in fraps, but even with it set to record at 30 fps (i did try all) and all my wow graphics set to the lowest possible setting, I couldn't even record a 5 man dungeon at more than 3 frames per second. If i can't record a 5 man there's no way I'm gonna get a 25H raid fraps :(

Since lowering the graphics settings to the absolute minimum didn't help, I'm guessing it's something fraps related. A setting i have set to something i shouldnt somewhere. or even worse, is it not possible for me to fraps at full size with my system?
Try Bandicam

I just gave that a shot and it's a night and day difference! I don't even have to turn shadows down! I'm gonna try a 5 man with it now.

Why is it that bandicam has that much better performance? Is it just a better software? If so, why have i only heard of fraps as the go to desktop recorder?
It's made by a Korean company, so no wonder it's not well known overseas. ;)

It does have few limitations for the free version.

You can try using MSI Afterburner, as it has a built-in video recorder.
thanks so much for the help so far! now i have another question (if you dont mind). Is don't see a way to record the audio from windows as well as from a local source (me). The reason i want this is to record both people in mumble as well as me talking, so that the video will be the full raid experience.

And unless MSI afterburner can compete with what i've seen from bandicam i dont mind paying the $40 for bandicam.
Nevermind i found the audio thing i needed :)
MSI Afterburner is free download (free as in beer, not shareware), so give that a shot and compare it with Bandicam.
Like Kalganized said this is not a game that can be ran on a"toaster" like most of the gaming community thinks (well, people who dont play it). But disabling some needless add-ons can def help and you should be able to record at 30fps.
Don't know if your fraps records in multichannel sound but you could try stereo instead. I heard that can help. And make sure you're limiting FPS which I think is the most important setting for not lagging like crazy. Lock it at 30 or 60 if you haven't yet.

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