<For Science> 8/8 heroic, Recruiting for MoP!

<For Science>: is a Horde 10 man progression guild located on Arthas and is currently recruiting exceptional players to push the upcoming content in Mists of Pandaria. We are looking for hardmode oriented players that can meet 85% attendance during raids, and can consistently perform at a competitive level. We strongly encourage internal competitiveness within the guild and players to have parse oriented mindsets.
While we do focus on progression raiding and require that players play at the best of their ability, we do like to have a good time. We laugh, we joke, we poke fun, we mock people who stand in fire, and there's usually vulgar language in the shape of adorable cupcakes frosted in Boston accents.
The majority of <For Science> raiders are 8/8HM DS and have cleared every HM in the game since the introduction of hardmodes. We are looking for like minded hardmode players.

Raiding Schedule
(EST time):
Tuesday 8:00-11:30PM
Wednesday 8:00-11:30PM
Thursday 8:00-11:30PM
<For Science> uses loot council to distribute loot. Because we are a 10 man guild we generally discuss loot openly and determine who needs it to better progress the guild.

Our Needs:Healer - we are currently recruiting a exceptional hpaly
Ranged DPS - We are recruiting a high parsing ranged DPS. We are willing to look at applicants from the following classes: Mage, Warlock, Spriest, or Hunter.
Even though your class may not be listed above, we will still review all applications and consider strong players. We do not recruit for the bench, we recruit for progression.
Contact Trzy or Kyle ingame with questions. Visit our website www.forsciencewow.com and hit the forums to throw up an application.
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