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Emerald Dream
I don't have a whole lot to say, so I'll keep this short.

Gor'Watha Warband turns TWO YEARS OLD TODAY YEAH WOO, and it wouldn't be possible with all our bros on either side of the fence. The Crew, The Sunsworn, Earthspear Clan, Hammer of Lordaeron, Blackmoon Tribe for being adorable and birthing us, Devilclaw Outlaws (^.^) ESPECIALLY OUR MASCOT ARAANE, Tauren Marine Corps, and even Hinik's beard, which keeps me up at night thinking of ways to kill him.

We've gained and lost a lot of members over our lifespan, and the ones who've stuck around, both in and outside of the guild, mean the world to me and mine. So thanks for being the best server ever, guys. You're eternally adorable and I would adopt you if you were children.

xoxo Soviet'Watha

here's a picture of a sparkling cake
*hands out dried spiders to Gor'watha*
Happy Birthday, Watha! <3
Congratulations and happy birthday! Here's to many more awesome years!
congrats guys :)
Grats to you guys!! /salute
Thank you friends.
grats guys, <3 gorwatha
Congrats!! keep it going.

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