How is this servers BGs?

Area 52
Just wondering how the Horde are doing on the BGs here? My Battlegrounds have the horde losing 80% of the time, so I want to find a new horde heavy server where the Horde win BGs.
All BG's unrated rise are no longer in a battleground group. So doesn't matter what server you are on, in theory you can get grouped up with any other realm.
I was told this in another posts.

"You still mostly get grouped with people in your own battlegroup, but people from different battlegroups can get pulled to fill in empty spots. "
As far as winning and losing, it seems that there is no set pattern. You can win one, then lose one, and so on and so forth. There used to be some guilds that pvp'ed, but they are far and few in between now.

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