Hyjal World PVP Event!

Greetings fellow Hyjalians! As you may or may not have heard by now, a world PVP event is being scheduled for the weekend of September 22-23.

Times have not yet been discussed, however a few locations have been proposed. The plan is to vote for one of the following:

-Gurubashi Arena
-An Actual Battle for Gilneas

Feel free to add to this list if you have a location in mind for a good world PVP event.
A number of Alliance guilds have already committed to sending some toons, and I know that Culture Shock will be one of the guilds that represent the Horde.

Additional information will be posted here as it comes out. Times, locations, etc to be determined soon.

Feel free to contact Bronius (A) and Azzar (H) in game for additional information.
that !@#$ cray
An open war in Gilneas sounds like a pretty fun idea
Hey guys, I will need any ideas you would have for where to have the event because I will have the area we are going to fight in/over set by Friday, Saturday at the latest.

Also, some one had said something about extreme zoning issues in Gilneas city, so until I can confirm one way or another, that may not be an option for us. Any (constructive) feedback on any of the zones would be very help for us.

Thanks to Bere for starting this thread.

Bronius (A), Azzar (H)
Sounds like fun, Nothing Remains will be in attendance. Halaa has my vote for the location.
A few things to note guys:

1. Make sure to advertise in trade chat on occasion. The majority of WoW players never read forums, meaning that they will NOT know about this event. Spread the word!

2. Bring as many people as you can. We want this to be reminiscent of Southshore v Tarren Mill. This is not supposed to be a small event. Make sure to invite large groups!

3. A time will be set that is as open as possible, allowing the maximum amount of participants. At this point in time, that hasn't been set yet.

Also, remember to vote for where you want it to happen!
Hey guys, I don't have a location set yet, I'll get that to you guys tomorrow. Though I think that Gilneas City will be taken off the list, unless I can get 30+ people of different race/class combos there soon.

Currently Halaa is looking like it will be our battle field, which will be fine cause we will get the marks for the mounts, and get to have huge PvP battle anyway.

Still open to suggestions for the next ... 24 hours.
And until the event, we will still be recruiting members. I have been in contact with many Alliance Guilds, and only 4-ish Horde Guilds, but have been posting in Trade Chat Horde side. Please feel free to contact me, on either side, through mail or whispers, if you are interested at all.

I am posting on my Horde character so that you can see him as well.

Bronius (A), Azzar (H)
As far as I know, Bladefist and Winterhoof are "with us" via cross server zones, so perhaps we could let them know we're doing an event in Halaa?
Halaa has been the final decision. The official event will start at 4 and go till 8 server time, you are free to show up before and stay after, but that will be the time to gather everyone together.

I have sent invites out to the guilds on the Alliance, and will be sending invites to the Horde guilds I have talked with Sunday some time. invites will continue to go out to the interested people up until we head to Halaa, so if any one is still interested please contact me.

Bronius(A), Azzar(H)
Halaa 4-8pm, is it the 22nd or 23rd? I will advertise in trade once I find out the day. Should be 5-10 from NR coming at this time.
Just for clarification, the event is the 22nd, from 4-8 server time. You are welcome to come earlier and stay later, but the official event will start at 4-8. That will mean that you need to be there at 4.

I am still looking for guilds on both sides! Recruitment will go until I actually head to Halaa, so there is still time. If you think that you or your guild might be interested, please send me whisper or mail in game.

Bronius (A) Azzar (H)
ill be there most likely some from my guild as well.
This is shaping up to be a lot of fun, sounds like we have at least half a dozen guilds from each side of the server participating.

Keep spreading the word, this Saturday the 22nd from 4-8pm server time. Halaa. Whether you show up for nostalgia, material gains, or just because you hate the Horde/Alliance, it's going to be a great time.

PVP gear not required, enormous raid groups are encouraged!
Tomorrow is the world PVP event in Halaa! Bring your faction grudge and some motivation to kick some !@# at 4pm server!
Please Alliance form up! I want a good battle that lasts forevers and many deaths on both sides.
Just as I theorized, horde outnumber alliance significantly and are spawn camping. Really ruins the fun of the whole event if you don't let us actually spawn. Watched 10 people drop group in the last minute.

Sigh. Think people would be good sports about things, but I guess not.
Sorry, I'm trying to make people be nice. Hard to control 60 people though. Let's get more alliance out here please!
Thanks for the good fight guys!

After the first hour we were able to communicate well, and switch positions accordingly. We ended up with a 60v60 battle about 2, 2 and a half hours in, that lasted for about an hour, hour and a half.

Thanks to people from the realms linked with ours for showing up and evening up the numbers.

Also thanks to Aoemaster, and Gylfie for helping run things and keeping both sides in line.

Many people got the marks for their mounts and more. Got a few screen shots, I'll see if I can get them up.

It was a great event, and I am looking forward to doing something like it in MoP. I'ill post something about it 2 months into Mists.
That was alot of fun, once we got the raid settled and everyone on board with the plan there were some VERY epic battles. I would love to do this again in the future. Thanks to everyone for showing up and making it work.
I am sorry I missed this. I used to love World PVP.. of course back then I was a night elf on Garona defending Southshore....

I look forward to seeing more of these =)

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