Math Class Is In Session!

With the coming of MOP in a few weeks Math will be opening up our website: to the outside. We now have an Ask A Math Teacher section for all of you to ask any question WoW related as well as have 2 of our Hmode strategies up for you all to see. We will adding more strategies in the coming weeks and each strategy includes a written section as well as video section.

Our hope with this is to give back to the Hyjal community as well as strength Hyjal raiders and the WoW raiding community as a whole. We will be making How To videos come MOP's actual release and those will be also added to the website. Though you may end up using a different strategy, we hope that ours will give you and your raiders a basic idea of what to expect in the fight as well as a couple videos to watch.

Please keep in mind that Math is our home and that while we wish to give back to the community, if a problem arises we will be forced to re-close the forums to the public. You will be able to see a couple of the sections without registering what so ever, however will be unable to post/see all of what we have to offer until you register.

Make sure to check back weekly as we will be constantly adding more boss strategies as well as putting up live feeds come MOP! Thanks again Hyjal for all you have done. Feel free to leave any feedback here.

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What if you bomb it?
09/12/2012 06:07 AMPosted by Brakein
What if you bomb it?

Well its you Brakein, so I would give you another try. ;)
Information on mechanics seems to be withheld. Accident or intentional?

Some other information is inaccurate.
Hax will be unable to post on the forums till next wed due to a temp ban but he asked me to post this for him:

"The mechanics are withheld due to the fact that the strategies mostly focus on the plan for heroic mode itself and really ignores the rather basic things that players should be able to pick up on normal mode. Stuff like, tanks get a dot so taunt switch will be picked up in normal mode and really are not the things I want my raiders to focus on.

Mechanics such as movement/stack point and controlling overloads are the keys in my eyes to the first two fights on 10man heroic mode and as such why the focus of the strategies. Keep in mind that this is the way that we will be handling the fights come Hmode and that they may drastically change once we actually see live content, but until then that's the game plan. My hope with this is that it can give people the sense of what other guilds are trying and even more so offer a first look at the heroic modes if by nothing else the video links collect.

In terms of simply incorrect data, all numbers are copy/pasted from Wowhead and are accurate to that rather than the in game dungeon journal. (would love to copy past from that) Looking through I did find incorrect numbers on Arcane Resonance, however again the strategies focus on what to do during the fight and the strategy for H Feng still stands and I think anyone who reads it fully and watches the videos provided will see why the strategy is created and only time will tell if it will hold up on live.

I wish I could go more in-depth on which tanks I feel are most viable/which specific cds to use where but really that boils down to comp. I will be updating the strategies as we use them in live and will appreciate any further feedback people can give and I do hope that these can be helpful to some.

Just posted a link roundup for MOP in our General section so you can check out all the news you are looking for without /searching on Wowhead. Excited for MOP tonight and can't wait to see of hyjal there!

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