GDKP rare mount run

This coming tuesday September 18 as soon as realms are up I will be forming these old school raids for you rare mount collectors, all runs will be GDKP and will be doing raids in this order:

1. Tempest Keep 25 - ashes of alar
2. Onyxia 25 - onyxia mount
3. Malygos 25 - azure drake mount
4. voa 10 or 25 - black war mammoth
5. OS 25 man - 100% drop twilight drake (this will be open roll, not GDKP)

I have 10 85's so I can get saved to these raids 10 times a week. I'll try to form raids on my tanks and healer toons then my dps toons. If you have multiple toons, you can come along for the ride. There is no mass summon so we'll do it old school by the use of summoning stones. All non rare mount loot is open roll, no reserves on any loot.

If you want to come send me an in game mail, good way to make gold or get the mount by bidding against other people in the raid.

I will be forming these raids from 2pm to 6:30 pm est every tuesday throughout MOP expansion.
Due to the "lazy" button being removed (you know what it is) I'm holding off on old school rare mount runs till further notice. Thanks for your participation in my GDKP and open roll pug runs!


Most fair pug raid leader in all of azeroth

And thanks turalyonians for making this realm a good realm!!! Good people!!! Sorry if I'm a trade troll sometimes and I talk myself up, I'm just a fool sometimes!!!

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