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Death Knight
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Just wearing a black platekini while using most of the DK starter set. Can anyone recommend better shoulders?
I like what you did there all though the shoulders are a we-bit not so cool would suggest the starter ones with the little spikes on them maybe but I will say a 8/10...

I need those dumb boots off of the ICC ship and I must have been showing off my glaives last night and forgot to switch back anywho I use the Hmode gurth or Hmode Axe off of yorsh.
I checked out the shoulders that you recommended and decided not to use them. I think they're too "bulky" which is the main reason why race changed from a male orc to femelf.

Thanks though.
09/13/2012 09:59 AMPosted by Nemesîs
Can anyone recommend better shoulders?

I like the ones you have, but maybe one of these?
Saltstone Shoulder Pads
Chromite Pauldrons
Stoneform Shoulders
9/10 - I know I've seen the pally look before on DKs, but it still looks great and using Despair as your 2H is a perfect fit.
8/10. Good set but the swords are a no.
9/10 LOVE the axe, colors go well together, only thing is the tabard, just a bit dark, nice job!!
I like it, the swords and shoulders go well with the space goat spacey look.
Dreadling, nice set. I like it a lot, kind of looks like a rogue but being a DK means your just way better. :P

Those shoulders just scream "Blackrock" to me. =(

-But the rating is unbiased.

im thinking about using these maces here, what yall think?
Solid colour matched set. I'm not a huge fan of the maces as they have that very distinct outlands look, but all in all very well done. 8.5/10
8/10 Very savage looking, it works for Worgen.
Incidentally, I'm looking for a good vampire look for Blood DK if anyone has one.

im thinking about using these maces here, what yall think?

I like Bloodskull Destroyers better, they are huge but 1 handed and have a skull face on them.
10/10 Love it!
8/10 Looks great but the tabard doesn't fit the look.

Exalted armor is rare and looks legit.

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