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Death Knight
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Unique but missing boots. 8/10
I rarely see people with that xmog.

I'll give 9/10.
8/10. Boots and sword don't go the best, but that's a set I love in general.
7/10 not the hugest fan of the set on an UD but the boots do look awesome. The swords could match a little better.
weird choice for color for a DK - yellow is abit too..... striking perhaps

7/10 for the unified looks

the weapon looks out of place, but the color matches your hair pretty well
Good set, goes well with your hair color and skin tone.

The weapons really throw it off for me though.

LOVE your axes. 10/10
Everything matches well, though I'm not sure if the skimpiness really goes with something that's undead.

9/10 because it still matches quite well and is clearly color coordinated.
7/10. I can't see much because of the pose, but it looks pretty cool.
While we are talking about xmogs, what are some good sites that list a lot of xmogs and locations? Also 9/10 for melt.
@ Dreadling
7/10 Got a nice start there, but it looks incomplete.
Yeah, the boots need to be changed, weapons (looking for an axe and sword (one hand not main hand) with a green aura, so to over ride the DK aura) and maybe a cape. I'm trying be unique, my previous set was using the doomplate set and archerus hood for a rogue/warrior look.
Oh and 9/10 for the paladin DK look, the " " of the bold, or " " of the justice/righteous or whatever (bc random dungeon drops) are a good set to match that.
@Dalavar 9/10 , decent set, not sure about the belt though, the color is just a bit off. But It is one of the more unique sets I've seen, nice job!
@Grovelz 6/'s not a bad set, but maybe try mixing it up a bit

Better now? Less McDonald's toy more evil undead?... :P

Hehe <3
09/15/2012 08:13 PMPosted by Âzzarth
No one rated mine! :( xD

7/10, not a bad start, but it looks like 2 different sets with the gloves and shoulders...either way could work nicely if you went with the dark/black set or if you went with a blue set
10/10 for the spacegoat above me, looks really good. I find that in xmog, race choice is something big. Just wish I would have made my DK a different gender or Oh well.
7/10 Not a fan of the green recolour of that set and the boots dont match
that plate set from wrath looks great, but the only thing is the tabard is off. 8/10
9//10 love that sword

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