The George Carlin Thread

To one of the best stand up comics of all time, I would wish to dedicate this thread.

If you're unfamilar with George Carlin, a quick youtube search will land you with plenty of results.

Sadly he died in 2008. He is missed.

Here is a 1 hour 1999 show
Probably one of his more famous standup skits but this is my favorite.

Same clip in your link, but only this section :P
I have some old Carlin rips from the late 70's.

It was interesting to see him grow and change as a comedian over 40 years or so. He was pretty amazing. Up there with Bill Hicks and Richard Pryor.

The only newer comedians which come close are Bill Burr, Jim Norton, Jim Jeffries, Doug Stanhope, Louis C.K. p much the sirius XM O&A guest crew.

Not George Carlin but meh.
I've heard of Carlin but had never seen him before.

Will watch this when I have more time me thinks.

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