[A]<VINTAGE>*25* is LFM for MoP & beyond!

Aerie Peak
<Vintage> *25* is LFM for MoP and beyond...

About Us:

Vintage is made of mature group of players who promote a laid-back, casual atmosphere in the guild, but know when to kick it into gear and get serious, when it's time to down some bosses. The councils of Vintage met while pugging and developed a mutual respect for one another, that we hope to share with our current guildies and future prospects. It is therefore our intention to run a guild where everyone treats guildmates and other players respectfully.

Vintage has over 400 members and growing! We are accepting lvl 50+ (dk's lvl 65+). Of any class/race.

Raiding with Vintage:

We currently run 2 10 man groups. T1 runs on wed/thur 6:30-9:30 p.m PST. T2 runs on sat/mon 5:30-8:30 p.m PST. Our current progression can be seen here: http://www.guildox.com/wow/guild/us/Aerie%20Peak/Vintage. We hope that when MoP hits the shelves/ready for download, that we can get a solid 25 man group for progression, if not we plan on continuing being a 10 man raiding guild.

To know more about us and how we roll *wink*, you may visit our guild site @ www.http://ap-vintage.wowstead.com/.

You may also submit an application if you wish to join or for a speedy invite, "who" Vintage and ask for an invite in game.

Thank you for your time!
Come check us out
09/14/2012 03:15 AMPosted by Treetarded
Come check us out
We got Asians!
We play It's Friday by Rebeca Black on vent for Treetarded. it's her favorite song!

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