Force of Nature...Yay or Nay?

I'm just curious as to how good of a spell/ability is it? I know incarnation is definitely powerful. I mean is it that big of a dps loss or not?
I've found it a viable option for bear tanking, but that's about it. They don't live long enough in PvP as feral to really make use of their stun ability, and their heals as resto are very suboptimal.
I wish they were better honestly. It was one of the things i was most excited for on the new tree =( PUNS ALWAYS INTENDED

I really liked the idea of the treants being changed on spec. Oh well! They will buff them in time
I find them more useful then incarnation as resto
i use them often .. it cost no mana .. my problem with resto incarnation is that it burns mana ... the treants are free and are usable when u need to be doing something else like get outa fire or some other mechanic ... but with alot of the new changes there are no bad choices .. just pick stuff that goes well with ur playstyle

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