{A}Lethe is recruiting Heals for 10m Progress

With roots digging as deep as vanilla wow release day, Lethe is a competitive raiding guild Alliance side recently transferred from the Laughing Skull Server. We are looking for skilled and committed players to fill some holes left in our core raiding roster created by the server transfer.

With raids running Tuesday – Thursday at 8 p.m est Lethe has 1 raid slot ready and waiting for raiders who are dedicated to progression and having a good time achieving it.

We are being held back by 1 un-dependable healer, and are looking to make huge leaps forward in progression as soon as we can fill this last slot, So come find Ebonpath or Remy in game A.S.A.P. if you are interested!

Managed to go 2/6 with pugs!

Lethe is currently looking to actively recruit the following classes:

Resto Shaman with Ele off spec!

Recruitment is open for all classes and specs, so if you are interested in seeing all the raiding content MoP will have to offer, feel free to Send Ebonpath or Shadowmich a tell in game!
OP updated with new info!
OP updated with new recruitment needs.
Moonfrost! Good choice transferring here. This is Nubbins, your old resto druid from back in Firelands. I doubt you'd remember me. Best of luck here on KJ, though most of the !@#$%^s on this realm are on Alliance. Half joking, love yew alliance<3

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