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So if you are getting the communication error message on your launcher, this is THE fix, I searched for almost a week and could not find out how to fix it, but here it is, in all it's glory.

Qigong : My problem got fixed by getting an updated version of the flash player :x

^^This man is a genius, this seems to be the end all fix to the error that I've yet to see posted anywhere. Welp you can rest assure this will be posted everywhere I can find within the next few hours. This even fixed an issue I was having with another game as well.
Weird. The new launcher doesn't make use of Flash Player. At all. Well, I guess it could be interfering if you have a browser open when you launch WoW... ?! Well maybe QtWebKit loads flash even though the launcher itself doesn't use it.
When I installed the flash player update it told me that I had to leave "work offline" mode in order to download and install the update; after that the launcher worked fine for me. It could be that those who are having the communication error are in "work offline" mode... for those of you are still having the communication error problem try going to internet explorer > file menu > work online
Sure would be nice if this actually worked as a fix :( seems coming back to wow after a year off is harder than I thought it might be. Maybe it's a sign! lol
Hi Baldar, I would go through these suggestions. Please let us know how it goes, and we can work from there.
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i tried reopening my game client cuz i got 10 days free. however after all the crap with communication i uninstalled and tried to reinstall. then the communication thing happened again. did a system restore. tried again. now it says i am missing qtwebkit.dll or something. re-uninstalled. went to install. still missing. virus scan came up clean. what do i do?
i just got a new windows 64 bit computer and ive been wanting to play wow but when i try to download the game it says "A communication error occurred,please restart. If problems persist contact customer support." please help i have tried everything on the website and it seems nothing !@#$ing works PLEASE HELP ME!

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