Looking for a Weekend Raiding Guild

I am an experienced raider looking for a weekend raiding guild. My primary toon is a Warrior Prot/DPS, but I also am proficient with my Mage, Druid (DPS), and Rogue. I am flexible with any raid time from Friday night through the weekend to Sunday night. I am very active in game and think I can be an asset to any raiding team.

I understand I will likely have to earn a spot and am very willing to show I am up to the challenge. I come to raids knowing the strats as well as prepared with consumables etc.. I have no problem talking on Vent, Mumble, or TS.

Thank you for your consideration.
Hey there. We are a casual but serious raiding guild. The casual aspect comes from not requiring raiding and having only a 50% attendance requirement. We do expect people to know how to raid with their class though.

Everything is pretty much up in the air come MoP to be honest. We are going to add as many runs as people desire. On that note, we will DEFINITELY be running Fri/Sat at 1800 server time and a normal only run at 1800 on Sundays. We may add another run on Fri/Sat (and possibly change the times around to accomodate different people), and we plan to institute a Tu/Th run as well.

We tend to think of ourselves as a family rather than a guild. We don't kick people just because they don't wanna raid, because we enjoy people talking in GChat and playing the game together. It's not for everyone by any means, but typically most people enjoy the atmosphere in the least.

You can get more details about us at http://strangelyironic.freeforums.org and drop an app if interested.

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