Any bodee from CanadUh? Eh.

Bleeding Hollow
I does. In ontario.

I own a pet polarbear named franks, who desnt like being in my igloo much. I also love maple syrup and hockey.

Where do you live, eh?
Mississauga bruh.

Guelph for school though.
gogo Barrie boiz
Laugh at what? Ive never been there.
Cantley Quebec, 20 minutes from Ottawa.
Anyone else here have pet polar bears? I cant be the only one..
Sudbury here.

Laugh all you like.

Not as bad as it used to be.
Yea I live in Canada.

Yesterday I took my bear out for a spin, I had to go pickup some maple syrup from the supermarket before I started hockey practice. After that was done I went to my neighbor's igloo to borrow some oil for my lamp so that I could sharpen my harpoon during the night. Recently I paid the landlord for the taxes on my igloo with these pelts from dead animals lying around.

thought there was another thread like this but I'm from Stoney Creek (Hamilton) Ontario. Few others from Tempest are from Canada as well
Ahh Canada....

the U.S of Eh
Ahh Canada....

the U.S of Eh

I'm from Toronto but I live in Ottawa for school.
From Stouffville, town an hour north or so from Toronto

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