<Adamant> Recruting for Mop.

Adamant on Alliance side Tichondrius a 10 man guild that was formed at the Middle of Cataclysm by a group of real life friends who wanted a progression focused raid environment while still maintaining a casual/friendly atmosphere. Since that time we have retained most of that core while picking up many excellent players to fill voids in our constantly improving roster. We have a GM and a Co-Gm (Me). I do all the raid leading and Recruiting I am 8/8Hm on my pally which is linked down below.

We had many ups and downs throughout DS but ultimately doing 8/8H, and feel we have a very strong group ready for MoP. We are currently recruiting to solidify a few spots and fill out our roster to give ourselves the best opportunity heading into MoP.

What we are currently in need of:

Resto Druid
Monk reroll for mop

**If your class is not listed above we encourage you to still get in touch with me there is always a spot for good players in are guild

What is required?

-All players must maintain high attendance. Our raid times are 8:30-11:30 WST Friday, Saturday. Must be on 15 min prior to raid.(Going to change to Thurs/Sun/Mon From 9Svt-12Svt) and this will be from 12-3 Est late night raiding guild
-All players must be extremely flexible and know multiple specs of their class. We are a small guild with limited class/player options, so the ability to adapt to the encounter is imperative.
-MUST have HM experience.

Feel free to contact me through real ID with any questions. Tylerchin@hotmail.co.uk

P.S: Loot with be explained if I interview you and I will tell you how the trial system works.

My main: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/spinebreaker/Cirax/advanced

Hope to hear from you :P
Looking for exceptional players to raid at the updated times: Sun/Mon/Tues 9-12pm
Recruiting all classes for MOP
err Friday/Sat/Monday
son of a bump!

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