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I am very interested in joining a raiding guild for MoP. I have played since vanilla, unfourantly due to real life events and not having a decent computer i had to quit playing WoW. I am looking for a flexible raid schedule. Sadly, due to work and the time difference i dont get home till about 8:30 server time, i live in las vegas and work till 5:30p PST, so i get home about 6:30p PST, or 8:30 CST. I am very new to hitting 85 as i just restarted a new account last month so i am not very geared but i am looking into raiding again and getting more geared and learning this game. I am not the best player but i am definetly willing to learn. I do not have an offspec currently as i just hit 85 a few days ago but again that is something that can be worked on as well. Let me know if we might be a fit. I Am in Aspire currently due to the fact that my best friend in real life is in this guild, however i really have no place in this guild so i am looking for a better fit. I do realize 8:30p is a bit late for a raid time, but if its a weekend raid i am available all day. Please reply on here or send me mail in game
look, your taking the wrong approach just like so many others do. let me give you some insight since this isnt rocket science. get mop, level as fast as you can, since you want to raid, you will have to dedicate some time if thats what you want. get in some heroics, gear up as fast as you can and look at TRADE CHAT for guild openings for your spec. easiest way. the forums are the dumbest.

if you wanna raid, that is the way right there. beat others leveling up and gear up fast. take some chances with some low end guilds to learn the content if you have to.

edit: if your gonna go prot, you should have no problem finding a spot if your decent at the game. even holy. got any alts? level another quickly before mop. dont waste your time gearing now. find a toon thats viable to 10/25 raid comps. resto/prot/lock/ yadda yadda the rarer classes

also this being a CST server your not gonna find many guilds that start at that time afaik. idk about horde guilds i guess but most likely find yourself a PST server.
i am prot yes, and obviously alot is going to change with MOP, id rather get in a guild now and work on a raid spot then try to be scrambling to join a guild later and secure a raid spot when they have 50 others that already want that same said spot. The forums is just one tool i plan to use for guild searching. i am only using the forums as i am at work currently. stop bashing my post kthx
it isnt that hard
Unfortunatly quitting the game isn't unfortunate. Think of all the time, and money saved.
Tenx is recruiting for 25 man mop we are recruiting all classes specs and lvs, we are casual but love progression guild. If you would like more details add me mcpwnface#1103 to real id.
Get out of other peoples recruitment threads. Make your own you !@#$%^.
09/12/2012 12:48 PMPosted by Sephyxia
TRADE CHAT for guild openings for your spec. easiest way. the forums are the dumbest.

@Sephyxia ... Either that was a failed attempt at trolling, or you are just truly ignorant. =(

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