Amicus Fortis recruiting for MOP!

Area 52
Amicus Fortis is looking to grow into a 25 person raid group for MOP. We are a tight knit group that has grown into a very solid 18 person core group. We raided 10 person content through Cata. However almost all of us have past expierience in 25 person raiding. We are currently 8/8 Heroic in DS 10 and have completed the Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider achievment for all of our core members prior to the removal of the Heroic Madness and Spine kills from it.

We work hard to foster a team enviroment in all aspects of the guild expierience. The guild works together to provide feasts, Pots, Flasks, Gems and Enchanting mats for Raiders. Repairs are also provided by the guild. We currently provide them for all members and all though that is subject to change at the start of the expansion based on Guild Bank resources. We have always provided repairs for raiders and have no plans to change that.

Our Current raid times are Sat 7:30 to 11:30pm and Sun 7:30 to 10:30pm. All times are Server time or EST. We are looking at adding Wed and/or Thurs evening as the next tier has several more encounters than the previous 2.

We use EPGP for our loot system. We have all of our loot rules and rules and expectations for raiders spelled out in the forums on our website.

We are currently seeking 3 or 4 Main spec Healers, 5-7 Rdps, and 3-4 Mdps. All Strong applicants will be considered.

If you are interested in being part of a growing team that knows how to have fun while progressing in raid content or have any questions. Please take a look at the website and app there or send me an in-game tell or mail to Kaustick on Area 52. You can also add me on real ID and contact me that way. Thank you in advance for your interest.
Just as an Update it looks like we are going to need 2-3 heals and 5-6 Rdps total.
The raid time for Wednesday night (if we do officially add Wednesday as a raid night) is looking to be 7:00-9:00pm EST (server time). Our WoWProgress recruiting information reflects this.
bumping this up still needing Ranged and Heals!
Amicus Fortis is still looking for a couple of qualityl healers and RDPS for our 25 man core team!
Amicus Fortis is still seeking 8-11 skilled raiders to join our 25 man core raid group on Sat and Sun Evenings. We are mainly in need of RDPS and Heals. A resto Shaman and Holy Pally. As of yet we have no duplications of classes in our RDPS Group so all ranged applicants are open and as always all exceptional applicants will be considered.

Thank You

Amicus Raid Lead and Recruiting officer.
we have cake.....just sayin.....that is all.....
Thanks for the Pump with the cake Epock lol. Amicus is still in search of a healer or two and some RDPS Take a look at our website and Hit me up in game with questions!
moar heals and ranged dps pls
Still looking for Heals and RDPS to Fill our core group to begin raiding Saturday 10-6-2012!
Still need dps and heals, come raid with us...
Still need a resto shaman and holy pally and RDPS!
Amicus is still recruiting. Any spec monk. and dps and heals. also a resto shaman would be nice.

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