Old Eternal Redemptiion Thread [H]

MOP SOON send me a tell..
we have ice cream
MOP... 3 new raids 16 new bosses to start... TIME TO MAKE !@#$ DEAD!!!!! 8D WELCOME TO ER!
Icecream, and girls :P
That's alot of officers =p
6 is alot
Bump :)
still recruiting!
ER Still recruiting
welcome to Arthas!!!!
thank you Zins!
Thanks Zins
Bump bump bump it up.... Yeahhh im a dork!


Check us out :)
I am not sure how many more people you need but I have a couple of friends that are looking for a second raid group. We all have relevant experience when it comes to cata and 2 of them have been playing since BC. We have a multitude of toons to work with (Except one who dosen't want to play anything but his mage) and would like to apply if at all possible. Mostly flexible hours and days. Let me know if you are interested.

Also a friend of mine started out on Lightning's Blade, if you remember him his name was Tekes.
Update, our weekend core will be raiding Friday and Saturday night 5-8pm.
New Raid times, days, and cores
Team Destruction
Lead by: Diisaster
Co-Leader: Athenajane/Bigmiighty/Redantha
Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Times: 9pm-12am, Be online and ready by 8:30 pm.

Killa Core
Lead by: Killasamm
Co-Leader: Kluckkluck
Days: Tuesday & Wednesday
Times: 8pm-11:30pm. Be online and ready by 7:30pm.

Team Asylum
Lead by: Judgèmënt
Co-Leader: Fivewinds
Days: Wednesday & Thursday
Times: 8pm-11:30pm.

Team Havoc
Lead by: Marisoul(Athenajane)
Co-leader: Doriann (Fivewinds)
Days: Friday & Saturday
Times: 5pm-8pm

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