mage lf raiding guild for mop

i am 400 8/8 heroic mage lf for new home for mop
Our guild is huge and has 15 raid teams.

10 man team 2's is a semi hardcore raid team. The raid leader is Divinåty and is 8/8 HM and raids Tu, Th, and Su 8-11pm EST and is currently recruiting a mage. I believe they are changing their schedule in MoP, but get up with Divinåty or Banished in game.
<Cosa Nóstra> is a small adult raiding guild that is very friendly and close. We look for active adult players (must be over the age of 21) to join us for 25 man content in MoP. We are located on the US-Stormrage EST PvE server. We're a fairly new guild on Stormrage but have completed 8/8 heroic. We look for talented, reliable people looking for a 2 night a week progression team.

Our Schedule...

Tues and Thurs 7-10:30 pm - Core 25 man team
Friday 7 pm - LFR as a guild.

We currently have openings for Healers and Range DPS. We welcome alts, friends and family as long as they meet the age requirement.

We do not have an application but we do have an interview process. Please check out. Feel free to contact me in game on either Krazyboomkin, Krazedin, or Kraziness. RealID Krazy#1922
We are 8/8H 10-man. We are looking for a cloth DPS to head strong into MoP with. More info can be found in our post:

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