Realm first ....

Is mine, Competition is nice tho !

Be x-fering next thursday
its not yours if your xfering, Read the fine print on xfers.. It says you must wait 2 months after the xfer to be able to qualify for realm firsts.. So HA! Best of luck to ya <3
realm first what? based off your current achievements maybe realm first to never finish lfr? realm first to have zero enchants? iamconfused
Yeah, the first 2 have it right
He's a hunter, just let him live in his own little world.
<3 NEG!!!
You're not supposed to tell him that.

Let him waste his money and rage quit.
I wonder if there is something for realm last... because I seriously couldn't be bothered rushing new content I'll be playing for the next 2 years :P

And geeze guys, wee bit harsh this morning?
best of luck!

I tried for Realm First on my rogue with WotLK came out and I'd never do it again... it practically killed the expansion for me with premature burnout.

(I failed, for the record :( if I wasn't a night elf, I might have gotten server first dwarf rogue or something, but as it was, this was pre-race change and I was like the 3rd rogue at max level)
realm last? lets see how that will work, because it would be the same as the trolls in trade chat "last person to link thunderfury wins a prize"

Realm first 90 is mine, luckily, none of you have to worry about me taking that from you :)
Still not sure if I want to push.

I'm capable of a 20 hour sit down with no breaks with extreme ease (nolife.jpg) but bleh.
I'd rather be working on holding my mount spot.
I wonder who will get realm first druid this year. Is Aware still around?
Aware or Deathcookie will get it if they still play
Deathcookie still plays.
Aware rarely logs on anymore, and Lilume quit the game last year. Both of whom were the first druids to reach max level every expansion since TBC. Well, Lilume was the realm first 70 in TBC. Aware was the realm first 80 in Wrath and the realm first 85 druid in Cata, closely followed by Lilume on both occasions. So I think it's safe to assume neither will be in the running for MoP.

As for who'll be taking the realm first 90 in MoP, I'll bet any amount of gold that it will be one of our warriors, Nocturne.
I wont be going for it again since i havent raided properly since the first tier of cata, on top of the fact i don't / motivation to put the effort in.

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