Wohoo Vol'jin novel

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I'm glad you enjoyed the novel! Golden is a fantastic author who works very closely with us to do justice to the franchise.
If you're getting psyched about the storyline, I think you'll love the next novel which focuses on Vol'jin. Have you played the troll 1-10 intro experience? Vol'jin flat-out tells Garrosh he doesn't trust him and he'll stab him in the back the moment he sees an opportunity. The novel carries his story forward and really meshes in with the events of patch 5.1.
One of our ongoing goals is to make sure that the games and novels compliment each other, and that major lore events don't happen in the novels without some kind of representation in-game. This is a huge challenge for us!! But I think we're getting better at it.

About time the trolls got some love. Even though I prefer Alliance I do like the Darkspear as well.

I'm psyched. After Gnomes, trolls are tied with undead for my favorite race

also agree with Dinkle though and wish gnomes got some more love =/

Took em long enough.
<3 <3 <3 <3
=O! Seriously?

Dude, that's so awesome!
I can't stop dancing.

Then again, I am a Troll.
I may actually have to buy a Warcraft novel. Dangit!
Vol'jin: the ONLY troll worthy of the name Gnome.
I don't see the great appeal of him tbh
/flame shield

That's what makes him an interesting novel topic, to be honest. I'd like to see his character develop a bit further and Ms. Golden does a great job grabbing a hold of these characters and fleshing them out.
I'll be looking forward to seeing what happens in that one. Even I'm interested in seeing more of Vol'jin.
If this is real then I'll finally buy a WOW book

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