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Hit us up <3
lovin you is easy cause you're beautiful

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biggie biggie biggie can't you see..
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Healers make me happy
We are now priest healer-less. School schedules can be tough. :\

Here's a strong shout out to you priest healers!

Great opportunity for priest heals to get into the core now. Cookies, questionable humor, floor corpses, and cleared content included.

Also seeking consistent DPS who enjoy void zones with a high tolerance for disturbing web links.
Shoutout to Baumren and Bemis
good group of people here to raid with

i miss you guys <3

keep on truckin'
Mmmm pie
Would a Resto Shaman be of any use to you guys? Recently came back to WoW like 2 weeks ago, ilvl 465, doesn't seem that much but my skill makes up for my less-than-par gear. Can only raid late-night because of school so yeah
priest heals pls
Can you make a healer from Blood Spirits and Sha Crystals?

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