[H] <SWC>@Turalyon LFM DPS/Healers for MoP

SWC has been around since TBC era. We have always thrived to work together as a guild and progress in raiding content as fast as possible, always having fun in a nice, friendly and family-like environment.

We are now looking for raiders and a dedicated raid leader to stabilish a second group for MoP raiding. We intend to start raiding in two weeks after launch, to give members enough time to level and gear up for entry tier raid content.

We are a semi-casual guild that raids two times a week. We are currently on a raiding hiatus until the expansion, but we still count on active members that play together everyday.

Schedule: Tuesday/Thursday 8:00PM-Midnight Realm Time (EST).

We are currently looking for:

Balance Druid

2 Healers
Disc Priest
Holy Paladin

We are not looking to recruit for benching.
We expect each players to know your class, and have enough initiative to research boss fights beforehand. We provide general guild benefits, such as flasks, repairs, feasts, ventrillo and guild bank tabs.

Loot system: Tier list for Tier Tokens, need before greed for general loot.

If you are interested in being a Raid Leader, please contact me in-game so we can have a talk about it!

SWC has a tradition of a drama-free environment. If you are a drama queen, a douchebag and/or troublemaker, there is no need to apply.

Visit us @ swcguild.enjin.com if you intend to apply or if you have any questions. You can also contact me in-game via whisper and/or mail, reply to this thread, or hit the "Contact Us" button in our website.

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